Fender advertisement (1979)

Fender Introduces Two Dynamite Guitars

Fender Lead I, Fender Lead II

Fender advertisement (1979) Fender Introduces Two Dynamite Guitars

Launch advertizing for the Lead 1 and lead 2 guitars, featuring Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs

New Fenders blow out any other guitar on the market. The Lead I arms you with a more highly explosive humbucking sound than anything around. The Lead II brings that legendary Fender sound to a white heat. All this is the result of super hot-rodded pickups, totally new circuitry and switching capabilities that open up an unduplicated range of sounds. Full-scale Fenders. On each guitar, we've coupled a full-scale 25 1/2 inch neck to a heavier ash body for perfect feel and balance. Not that we set out to add weight to these guitars - but because increased mass and density are the logical coefficients of Lead I's and Lead II's functions.

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