Epiphone Riviera, Sorrento, Casino, Century, and Granada

Epiphone full line 1964 catalogue page 3

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Epiphone full line 1964 full line catalogue. Page 3, electric Spanish guitars, continued from page 2 . Details of five thinline Epiphone hollow-bodies. From the non-cutaway Epiphone Granada and Century, the single cut Sorrento and the doublecutaway Epiphone Casino and Riviera.

The headstock design of these guitars was in flux at this time, changing from the older pre-Gibson Epiphone style to a newer exagerated curve design. This page exemplifies this change with the Sorrento pictured still having the old style, the others with the new. As with all production changes, these change have been gradual as older necks were used up.

In September 1964 these guitars were priced as follows (from high to low): E360TD Epiphone Riviera, $369.50; E230 Casino, $260-349.50; E452T Sorrento, $245-337.50 (also TD, TN, TDN); E422T Century, $195; E444T Granada, $170.

The basic Casino had either a single pickup (E230T), an optional Tremotone vibrato (E230TV), dual pickups (E230T) or both dual pickups and vibrato (E230TDV). The Sorrento also had a choice of one or two pickups (E452T and E452TD in shaded or royal olive finishes) and an optional natural finish (E452TN and E452TDN).

Epiphone offers electric Spanish guitars to suit the need of every player from the top professional, to the semi-pro, to the amateur who wants an instrument for his own amusement or to join the gang on week ends

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1964 Epiphone full line catalogue page 3 - Details of the Riviera, Sorrento, Casino, Century, and Granada.

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