Epiphone Texan, Cortez, Caballero and Serenader flat tops, & Plantation, Minstrel and Campus banjos

Epiphone full line 1964 catalogue page 7

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Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue. Page 7. Right hand page of a double page spread on Epiphone flat tops and Epiphone banjos.

Flat top models shown are the Epiphone Texan (FT 79 / FT 79N), Cortez (FT 45 / FT 45N), Caballero (FT 30) and twelve-string Serenader (FT 85). Banjos are the Plantation (EB 188), Minstrel (EB 88) and Campus (EB 44).

1964 list prices (US zone 1 1/9/64) for the guitars are as follows: Serenader, $205; Texan, $175; Cortez, $140; and Caballero, $115.

Banjos are: Plantation, $337; Minstrel, $299.50; and Campus, $205.

And the gay, singing, nostalgic sounds of the banjo are equally American. Shortly after the Civil War the banjo started its climb to national popularity, and it has enjoyed periodic flurries of attention ever since, including our present Folk revival. Epiphone offers fine quality flat top and jumbo flat top guitars, and important entries in the banjo field. Among these fine instruments, we're sure you’ll find one of the “authentic” American Instruments particularly suited to your needs.

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1964 Epiphone full line catalogue page 7 - Texan, Cortez, Caballero and Serenader flat tops, and the Plantation, Minstrel and Campus banjos

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