Epiphone Crestwood, Wilshire, Coronet and Olympic models

1966 Epiphone Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 4

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Epiphone full line 1966 full line catalogue. Page 4. Details of a number of mid-60s Epiphone solid bodies, from the high end Crestwood Deluxe and Crestwood Custom, to the best selling Olympic, Double Olympic, and Olympic Special models. Also the Epiphone Wilshire and Coronet. Note, this is the first catalogue to show the Olympic Special with somewhat larger top horn, despite this subtley different body being standard for most of the previous two years. Compare with the more symmetrical Olympic Special in the 1964 Epiphone catalogue.

US zone 1 prices for 1966 were as follows: Crestwood Deluxe $455, Crestwood Custom $340, Wilshire $265, Coronet $179.50, Olympic Double $179.50, Olympic $149.50 (not pictured), Olympic Special $139.50.

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1966 Epiphone full line catalogue page 4 - Details of the Crestwood Deluxe, Custom, Wilshire, Coronet, Olympic, Double Olympic, and Olympic Special

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