Epiphone Panorama, Maxima and Embassy amplifiers

1966 Epiphone Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 6

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Epiphone 1966 full line catalogue. Page 6. Left hand page of a double page spread on Epiphone amplifiers. This page, the Panorama, Maxima and Embassy.

The Epiphone Panorama (EA 500T) and Panorama V (EA 400T) amplifiers were the most expensive amplifiers in the line in 1965, but by 1966 these were no longer listed in price lists; sales of the EA 500T and EA 400T were dismal, with just 106 and 37 units shipped respectively between 1963 and 1966.

1966 zone 1 prices for the Maxima (EA-600RVT) and Embassy (EA-300RVT/EA-300RVTL) were $590 and $469.50/$679.50. The EA-300RVTL model had J.B. Lansing speaker cones, accounting for the $210 price difference.

The Maxima was, of course, the new solid-state model, with 4x10" speaker cones, based on the Gibson GSS100 amplifier.

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1966 Epiphone full line catalogue page 6 - Panorama, Maxima and Embassy amplifiers

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