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Futurama Electric Guitar and Bass List

Instruments manufactured by Futurama

Futurama guitars of the 1960s

Czechoslovakian Futurama II and Futurama III from a 1960 Selmer catalogue

Futurama was a very well known name amongst British guitar bands of the early 1960s. It was a brand created by Selmer, who were the biggest instrument supplier in the UK at the time, but none of the guitars were British-made. George Harrison used one in his early days, and in 1960s Futurama advertising is quoted "it's a great guitar". Earliest models, like Harrison's hailed from Czechoslovakia made by Resonet, and later CSHN, but by 1963 higher-quality instruments by Swedish maker Hagstrom were being sold under the Futurama name.

The Hagstrom models were identical to the Hagstrom guitars sold in the United States and Europe, so for further information please refer to the relevant pages in the Hagstrom section of this site.

Futurama Guitars

Futurama (Resonet Grazioso)
Futurama II (CSHN)
Futurama III (CSHN)
Futurama Duo (CSHN)
Futurama II De Luxe (see Hagstrom II)
Futurama III De Luxe (see Hagstrom III)
Futurama Coronado Automatic (see Hagstrom Corvette)

Futurama Basses

Futurama Bass De Luxe (see Hagstrom FB)
Futurama Coronado bass (see Hagstrom Coronado IV)

Futurama Advertising

Selmer placed advertisements for it's Futurama branded instruments in various newspapers and magazines ( see vintage guitar advertisements), aswell as Selmer guitar catalogues.


Vintage Futurama guitars for sale

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Neville Turner Comment left 11th May 2013 07:07:07
Helo.I'm unable to send a picture,but I will discribeas best I can.I found a Futurama 2,Red,short scale,two pickups,floating bridge,number 457,a large 9 under the pick guard.Tuners a bit rusty,as is the tail piece.It was so mucky,I think it had lain in someons shed for fifty years.I do hope you can help.It deserves a better home than I can provide. Regards Neville.

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