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1966 Gibson ES-175D

Electric acoustic guitar

Gibson ES-175D description | ES-175 Catalogue appearances | ES-175 timeline

1954 ES-175 | 1966 ES-175D | 1967 ES-175D | 1970 ES-175D | 1974 ES-175D | 1979 ES-175D

1966 Gibson ES-175D 1966 Gibson ES-175D 1966 Gibson ES-175D 1966 Gibson ES-175D
1966 Gibson ES-175D 1966 Gibson ES-175D 1966 Gibson ES-175D

Strings suitable for this guitar

D'Addario EXL125 Super Light Top/Regular Bottom (D'Addario Electric Super Light Top / Regular Bottom)

D'Addario XLS600 (D'Addario Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings Jazz Medium)

Thomastik-Infeld JS110 (flatwound extra light jazz swing electric guitar strings)

D'Addario EJ20 (D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings Jazz Extra-Light)

D'Addario EJ22 (D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings Jazz Medium)

D'Addario EKXL120 (D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings Super Light / Soldered Twists)

1966 Gibson ES-175D

Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue1966 Gibson full line catalogue
The guitar pictured in the 1966 catalogue is identical to the instrument pictured above.

The modern cutaway design provides easy access to the entire fret range. Easy to play and comfortable to hold, the ES-175D produces a brilliant distortion-free tone

The guitar pictured is a typical 1966 Gibson ES-175D. Shipping figures for the ES-175D in 1966 are as follows: Natural - 55, Sunburst - 382.

Typical 1966 features: one-piece mahogany neck, six-digit stamped serial number without MADE IN USA below it. Zig-zag tailpiece and crown inlay positioned above centre on the headstock. The gold bell control knobs with metal inserts are still present, although soon to be replaced with witch-hat knobs.

Other features unchanged from earlier ES-175 versions: maple top, back and sides. Bound front and back, with a bound neck and split parallelogram inlays. Patent number humbucker pickups and Kluson 320-VP machine heads.

The 1966 US price for the ES175D was $425.

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