1966 Gibson ES-175D

Electric acoustic guitar

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1966 Gibson ES-175D
1966 Gibson ES-175D
Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue

1966 Gibson full line catalogue The guitar pictured in the 1966 catalogue is identical to the instrument pictured above.

The modern cutaway design provides easy access to the entire fret range. Easy to play and comfortable to hold, the ES-175D produces a brilliant distortion-free tone

Model: 1966 Gibson ES-175D
Pickups: Two Gibson Humbuckers
Scale: 24 3/4"
Body: Maple top back and sides
Neck: One piece mahogany, rosewood fretboard. 20 frets. Width at nut 1 11/16"
Hardware: Rosewood floating bridge, zig-zag tailpiece. Individual closed-gear Kluson 320-VP tuning keys

The guitar pictured is a typical example of a 1966 Gibson ES-175D; it's one of 382 Sunburst guitars produced that year, compared to 55 with Natural finish. The three tone sunburst amber/red/black is repeated on both sides of the instrument, whilst the sides are walnut brown.

Typical 1966 features: one-piece mahogany neck, six-digit stamped serial number without MADE IN USA below it. Zig-zag tailpiece and crown inlay positioned above centre on the headstock. The controls are topped with gold bell control knobs with metal inserts.

Other features unchanged from earlier ES-175 versions: maple top, back and sides. Bound front and back, with a bound neck and split parallelogram inlays. Patent number (early T-top) humbucker pickups and Kluson 320-VP machine heads.

The 1966 US price for the ES175D was $425.

1966 Gibson ES-175D body detail
Florentine cutaway and scratchplate detail. The Gibson chrome-covered humbuckers were typically T-tops; the patent number pickup had been phased out a year earlier, along with the nickel pickup covers.
1966 Gibson ES-175D rosewood floating bridge
The bridge free-floating and consists a rosewood base with height adjustable single-piece rosewood saddle - much harder to intonate precisely than the tuno-o-matic (with which it was replaced some years later) but with a significantly warmer tone.
1966 Gibson ES-175D tailpiece
1966 Gibson ES-175D switch

All hardware is chrome-plated - including the pickups, and zig-zag taipiece; the control knobs are gold bell-type - two volume and two tone controls - one for each pickup. The three-way pickup selector switch on the top bout of the guitar body operates in typical Gibson style: up, neck pickup only; down, bridge pickup only; middle, both pickups.

1966 Gibson ES-175D
1966 Gibson ES-175D
1966 Gibson ES-175D headstock
Headstock, truss rod cover, nut. The inlays are all pearl, both Gibson logo and crown. The bell-style truss rod cover is attached via two screws. It should be noted that the crown inlay is positioned above center - this is an earlier feature that would soon be phased out on this model - typically other Gibsons had already changed to a centralised crown.
1966 Gibson ES-175D machine heads
The neck is a single piece of mahogany, finished in Walnut brown. The six-digit serial number resides on the reverse of the guitar headstock (and is repeated on the label in the soundhole) with no other markings. Machine heads at this point are Kluson 320VP type (plastic keys).

Images courtesey of justgreatguitars.com

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