Gibson L5

Carved top acoustic guitar

Gibson L5C acoustic
Gibson L5 "flower pot" headstock inlay

The Gibson L5 was created by top Gibson luthier Lloyd Loar in 1922. It stayed in production for another 30 years, being played by a lot of influential musicians on the way. This guitar originally had no cutaway, and when one was produced, it had the model designation L-5C.

By the advent of electric guitars, Gibson was producing an electric version alongside the acoustic, the Gibson L5-CES, and later a solid body, the Gibson L5S

The headstock inlay of all L5 variants is the well-known 'flower pot' as shown on the left.

The following description comes from the 1970 Carved-Top Acoustics catalogue

The orchestra guitarist will marvel at the wonderfully rich tone, easy playing action and beautiful cutaway styling of the L-5C. This remarkable guitar has held its enviable position as an exceedingly popular carved top acoustic for many years

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