Gibson Les Paul Junior and Gibson Melody Maker

1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 12

Gibson 1962 guitar and amplifier catalogue. Page 12. Details of the SG Junior and Melody Maker guitars. The SG Junior was actually a redesigned version of the double cutaway Les Paul Junior, and in this, it's first Gibson catalogue appearance, it still had the Les Paul name (as did the Les Paul Custom and Standard, but oddly not the Special or TV - see pages 10 and 11).

Both the Les Paul Junior and Melody Maker guitars were selling very well at this point. Like the Les Pauls, the Melody Maker had also been redesigned; when launched it had the single cutaway Les Paul shape (see the 1960 Gibson catalogue). It was available as a single pickup, double pickup (Melody Maker D), and three-quarter sized student model (Melody Maker 3/4).

See also the 1962 Epiphone catalogue page for the Epiphone Olympic - which is effectively the same guitar, with the same price tag.

1962 (US zone 1) prices for these guitars are as follows: Les Paul Junior $147.50, Melody Maker D $147.50, Melody Maker $109.50.

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1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 12 -  SG Junior and Melody Maker

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mick the fridge Comment left 10th July 2012 22:10:10 reply
So I have a 1962 melody maker. Double cut as above. Sunburst finish, one pickup and a tremolo arm. I bought it as all original. Pots are dated very early 62, so I'm pretty certain about the date. But your cat scan doesn't show the trem, or mention it. Nice site by the way, a lot of good information.