Gibson Les Paul bass owners manual

1969 guide explaining the features of Gibsons first low impedance bass

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The Gibson Les Paul bass was launched in 1969, along with the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Professional guitars. They were the best solid-body Gibsons available at the time; beautifully built from the best woods available with the most up-to-date electronics. As the manual states:

The Les Paul bass is equipped with the most advanced electronic tonal network available today

The Les Paul bass was an advanced instrument with somewhat complicated controls - the purpose of this brochure was to describe these to allow the player to get the best out of their instrument. The majority of content relates to these controls and details of the instruments specifications.

These basses were clearly aimed at the professional end of the guitar buying market; people with a desire to play and record the best guitars available with the latest technology in sound recording. So why Gibson produced such a dated looking owners manual is a mystery; though certainly no surprise. Gibson's marketing in the 1960s was always light years behind it's actually product, and this was one of the last, but clearest examples. In December 1969, Norlin took over the reins from CMI (Gibsons owner since 1944) and at last advertising and promotion was taken a little more seriously.

The Les Paul Bass did appear in one more Gibson catalogue, the 1970 Les Paul catalogue, before being replaced by the Les Paul Triumph bass.

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