Bigsby / tune-a-matic bridge / humbuckers / volute

Gibson solid body electrics catalogue,1972 - page 10

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1972 Gibson SG catalogue page 10

This page (and the next) detail some of the features of early 1970s Gibson solid body guitars, as demonstrated on the SG Deluxe: Bigsby tailpiece, humbucking pickups, tune-o-matic bridge. At this time only the neck volute was a new feature for Gibson electrics, the others had all been in use several years previously.

Several models in the SG series are manufactured with chrome or gold plated Bigsby tailpieces. The exciting vibrola effect is widely used by country and rock musicians

The images and text on this page also appear in another 1972 Gibson brochure: Solid Bodies, Solid Sounds which was produced around the same time.

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