Gibson bass 1975 catalogue page 3

Q System ; Humbucking Pickups and Handrest ; Thin Hollow Body with 'f' Holes ; Sliding Pickup

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Gibson 1975 bass catalogue. Page 3. Some details from 4 bass instruments. The 'Q-system' of the L9-S Ripper, the humbucking pickups of the EB3, the hollow body of the Les Paul Signature, and the sliding pickup of the Grabber.

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1975 Gibson bass catalogue page 3

Q SYSTEM - the Q system offers a wide variety of sounds at a moment's notice with it's four-position tone switch plus separate tone, midrange and volume controls and these controls are positioned for easy location.

HUMBUCKING PICKUPS AND HANDREST - two powerful humbucking bass pickups have just enough treble added to give Gibson basses a full, crisp punch. The handrest covers the tune-o-matic bridge so Gibson basses are a real comfort to hold.

THIN HOLLOW BODY WITH "f" HOLES - The Les Paul Signature bass has one of the most unique sounds today in it's thin, hollow body construction with precision "f" holes. This design delivers a rich, full tone that no other bass can offer.

SLIDING PICKUP - The Grabber's sliding pickup offers a wide variety od sounds. Slide it forward for a deep rhythm roar, backward for a full treble punch or slide it anywhere in between.

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