Gibson bass 1975 catalogue page 6

The Grabber and the EB3

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Gibson 1975 bass catalogue. Page 7. Right hand page of a double page spread on the Grabber and EB3 basses. This page shows a detail of the Grabber humbucker (more details on that pickup here) mounted on a tortoiseshell pickguard. Some early Grabbers had a pickguard like this (the best known example appears in the 1975 We don't promise you fantasies Grabber advert), but the vast majority of Grabbers shipped had a plain black, single ply pickguard.

It only follows that the world’s finest guitars are made with the world’s finest parts that's why Gibson's genuine replacement parts are almost as highly acclaimed as the instruments they make up

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1975 Gibson bass catalogue page 6 the Grabber and the EB3

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