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Gibson SG Standard and Gibson SG Special

Gibson solid body catalogue 1975 - page 9

Gibson solid body 1975 solid body catalogue. Page 9. Right hand page of a double page spread on the Gibson SG series. This page shows the SG Standard and SG Special. As with the SG Custom on the Previous page, both the Standard and Special had been in production continuously since 1961 - with a brief exception in 1972, when they were replaced by the SG Deluxe and SG Pro respectively - see the 1972 solid body catalogue.

Although broadly unchanged from the 1973 catalogue, the SG Standard shown in the 1975 catalogue has a new finish option, Tobacco Sunburst, as demonstrated here.

This was the last catalogue appearance of the SG Special (excluding post-Norlin reissues) and the only one to show it with block inlays instead of the more usual dot inlays that it had had for very many years previously. The last mention in a price list was from January 1975; by June '75 it was gone.

January 1975 US zone 1 prices were as follows: SG Standard, $479; SG Special $425.

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1975 Gibson solid body catalogue page 8 SG Standard and Special

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Gibson 1975 T Tops

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Gibson SG-1975'

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