Futurama Coronado Bass

Page 17 of the 1964 Selmer Catalogue

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Selmer 1964 Hofner and Futurama catalogue, page 17. Details of the Futurama Coronado Bass; a solid-body electric bass guitar manufactured by Hagstrom of Sweden, and rebranded Futurama for sale in the UK by Selmer (London). These were available as four and six string basses, branded either Hagstrom or Futurama. The Hagstrom Bisonic pickups are widely regarded, and also appeared on other basses such as the Guild Starfire and JS bass

A big bass sound and looks that are more than skin deep - these are in the new four string bass guitar that's got it all. The SPEED-O-MATIC fingerboard for faster, smoother playing magneto-dynamic pick-ups for truest response: wonderful new shape with hand bar rest for new comfort when playing. All these features are skilfully combined to give top performance at realistic price. Controls are touch tab type and incorporate a special double switch tone unit. Sliding volume device is simple yet fits in perfectly with the positioning and operation of the controls

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1964 Selmer Catalogue page 17 - Les Paul Junior and Les Paul TV

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