Giannini Models 6 and 104

Page 25 of the 1965/66 Selmer Catalogue

Giannini Models 6 and 104. Giannini was a Brazilian brand, specializing in Spanish style classical guitars - by the time of the next Selmer catalogue, their range would be expanded greatly. See the 1968/69 Selmer catalogue.

Two new Spanish style guitars from Tanquillo Giannini, guitar makers since 1900. These two models have been tested by leading teachers and players and found eminently suitable

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1966 Selmer Catalogue page 25, Giannini Models 6 and 104

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newshutz Comment left 5th October 2017 12:12:51 reply
I have a model 6 SN-21726. It is marked 1/66 so I presume 1966. My father bought it second hand around 1968. The body is painted a medium brown, and has one small hole in the side. The paint has flecked off in places and the wood looks much like the fretboard, which is clearly rosewood. The action is way high (6mm), but the neck/fingerboard is straight. The neck looks to be separating from the body at the heel, but not enough to make up the whole of the high action. I have not played it for years as the action is too high, but I like the sound. Is it worth getting repaired? Would refinishing improve the value or detract from it?