Vox Victor

Hollow bodied Vox electric guitar

Vox Victor electric guitar - from the Vox "precision in sound" catalogue, 1964

JMI were only making solid body Vox guitars in the very early 1960s, however there was clear demand for hollow body instruments at this time; Vox addressed this (to a very limited extent) by hiring luthier Vic da Costa to hand-build the Vox Victor, and importing them to the UK from early 1963. It was included in JMI price lists right through to the end of 1965, with a Victor bass model also listed in September '64 and May '65. Obviously, hand-built guitars are not cheap: the May 1965 JMI price list places the Vox Victor at £89 5s - the same price as the Phantom III (teardrop) - with the Vox Scorpion as the only six-string guitar priced above this. [The May 1965 price list includes six-string models priced between £17 17s for the Stroller to £99 15s for the Scorpion].

From mid 1964 Vox hollow bodies such as the Lynx and Challenger would also be produced overseas, by Crucianelli in Italy, and imported into the UK - but the Victor was the first Vox-branded hollow-body offered by the company.

The following description comes from the 1963 Vox catalogue

A fine handcrafted semi-acoustic guitar of spruce, with built-in electric circuit, blonde or sunburst finish, completely handmade. Shaped back and front with fine attractive wood grain. Fast action, adjustable neck, two pick-ups and tone switch in addition to normal volume and tone controls.

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Roger Howell Comment left 6th December 2012 07:07:46 reply
Back in late '62, early '63 I was a teenage kid in Essex England. Like all the kids, I was bowled over by the British beat sound. Of course I sent off for lots of guitar catalogues, which in those days were almost always in black and white. One I got was from Jennings Musical Industries, the maker of Vox amps, and marketers of Vox guitars. I remember a large, pale coloured semi acoustic guitar with tremolo arm, offset cutaways, and a control on the upper treble bout. The price, I remember, was £89. Now, thanks to North Coast music, I know it was a Vox Victor. At that time, a Vox Phantom IV guitar or bass would cost you £90. They would also have sold you a sunburst, rosewood board Fender Telecaster for £121. Those were the days....Thanks for the memories!