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Gibson S-1 and Marauder

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog, page 11

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog. Page 11. Details of two solid bodies that epitomise mid-seventies Norlin-era Gibson, the Gibson S-1 and Marauder guitars. Towards the end of their production these models were equipped with black-covered pickups, instead of the clear ones they initially came with - note the image here shows the S-1 with the new pickups, and the Marauder without.

1978 was actually a great year for the Marauder and S-1 - in fact the peak shipping year for both of these models, with 3178 and 1158 guitars shipped respectively - see the Marauder shipping stats and S-1 shipping totals. A number of new finish options were added in 1978, most likely increasing sales: Natural Mahogany, Walnut and Wine Red

US list prices for 1978 were $519-559 for the S-1, and $419-469 for the Marauder. The lower price was for the Natural Satin version of each guitar, the higher for all other finish options. The guitars pictured below demonstrate two new finishes: Walnut for the S-1, and Natural Mahogany for the Marauder.

1978 Gibson Quality / Prestige / Innovation catalog, page 11: Gibson S-1 and Marauder
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