Gibson ES335TD, ES330TD, ES125TC and ES125TDC

1964 Gibson Electric Guitars Page 7

Gibson 1964 Guitar and Bass catalogue. Page 7. Continuing the electric Spanish thinline series of guitars from the previous page. Three thinline guitars are shown, the Gibson ES-335TD, ES-330TD, and two versions of the thinline cutaway ES-125, the single pickup ES-125TC and the double pickup ES-125TDC.

These were the semi-acoustic instruments that sold so well in the 1960s. Work horse guitars, that appeared less often in the hands of jazz musicians, and more with the many rock and roll and beat bands emerging worldwide. They were markedly less expensive than the Artist series guitars of previous pages, but still with a very hefty price tag for the time.

There are some significant changes in the images used in this catalogue compared to the listing in the previous (1962) catalogue - firstly the ES-330 is shown with metal P90 pickup covers, but also the 330 and 335 are shown here with block neck inlay markers, as opposed to the dot markers used previously.

1966 zone 1 US prices are as follows: ES-335TD $340 (Cherry finish $355), ES-330TD $310 (Cherry finish $325), ES-125TC $240 and ES-125TDC $275.

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1964 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue page 7 - ES335TD, ES330TD, ES125TC and ES125TDC

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