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1969 Gibson Les Paul Personal / Professional owners manual - page 2

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1969 owners manual for the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Professional guitars. Page 2 shows the Les Paul Personal guitar, and details it's components. The Personal was the most elaborate of the range, with gold plated hardware, an ebony fretboard (as opposed to rosewood) and Gibson's split-diamond headstock inlays. The guitar illustrated is also fitted with a gold-plated Bigsby tremolo - described as optional here, and not mentioned in other 1969 or 1970 price lists, including the model's only catalogue appearance from 1970.

Electronically, the Personal and Professional were identical, with one important exception. An XLR microphone input, with volume control, was positioned on the top edge of the guitar allowing the player to add a vocal performance to their guitar part, without the need for a separate microphone stand.

The Les Paul Personal had a September 1969 list price of $645.

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1969 Gibson Les Paul Personal / Professional owners manual - page 2

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