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1970 Gibson bass catalogue page 4

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1970 Gibson bass catalogue page 4 - Gibson EB3

1970 Gibson bass bass catalogue, page 4. The bass pictured here features Gibson's translucent Walnut finish, that was so popular in the 1970s. The classic Cherry finish was still available. Despite the apparent demand for longer scale bass guitars, the regular short scale (30 1/2") EB0 and EB3 basses continued to outsell their longscale siblings. The sales of slotted headstock EBs (1970-71) were the best they had been to date, but despite this, the design was once again changed drastically in early 1972, as shown in the 1972 Gibson bass catalogue.

Short scale EB basses were no less expensive than their long scale equivalents. The US zone 1 prices were as follows: $390 (March 1970), rising to $410 (September 1970).

This instrument has the same exciting features as the EB-3L, except that the scale length is four inches shorter. The delicately balanced design assures comfortable playing with or without a strap

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mo Comment left 8th January 2012 20:08:26 reply
Looking for a Schaller tuning key for a 1970-72 EB0, preferably new old. Can you help? Also a scripted truss rod cover. Are these generally available?