Gibson ES-120T

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue page 10

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1970 Gibson thinline catalogue page 10 - ES-120T

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue page 10. The final appearance of the entry level thinline electric acoustic, the ES-120T.

This guitar was first shipped in 1961, and was very popular up until 1966, beyond this sales tailed off considerably, and the model was was withdrawn before the end of 1970. Only 42 instruments left the factory in 1970; compare that with the peak year, 1965, in which 2573 were shipped.

Good looks, fine performance and low price. These are the qualities that have made this Electric Spanish guitar a favourite with amateur musicians. Features an exclusive, patented finger rest pickup.

The March 1970 US zone 1 price of the Gibson ES-120T was $245, and it was not included in the September 1970 price list.

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