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Guild M-75 Aristocrat / Bluesbird

Solid, and semi-solid bodied electric guitars

Guild M75 guitars

The Guild M-75 electric guitar. Above: 1969 M-75, 1972 M-75GS and 1975 M-75CS versions. Notice the pickup, scratchplate, and switch differences.

The Guild M-75 was first manufactured in 1952, and was known as the Aristocrat. This was the same year as the Gibson Les Paul, with which it had obvious similarities. It was widely used by blues musicians and gained the name Bluesbird. Production stopped in 1963, only to start up again in 1968 (also like the Les Paul). Looks aside, the first Bluesbirds were unlike the solid-body Les Paul; they were actually a hollow-body instrument - spruce-topped mahogany, but without f-holes.

The late-sixties reissue M-75s were officially dubbed Bluesbirds. They too were hollow-body, but from around 1970 they were offered with an optional solid body. This was the case until around 1973, when all hollow M-75s were withdrawn

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Dan Comment left 27th September 2012 08:08:18
I have one of these! It is a black M-75sc with the 42-P hard shell case. Built in 1979. Am looking for a collector who will give it the love it deserves to make me an offer.

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