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Guild Starfire SF-V

Hollow bodied electric guitar

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Guild Starfire SF-V guitar
Guild Starfire V in custom ebony grain finish. Image taken from the 1969 Guild catalogue
ModelStarfire V, Starfire Deluxe
PickupsGuild Humbuckers (ocassionally DeArmond single coils)
Scale24 3/4"
BodyLaminated maple or mahogany. 1 7/8 " thick, 16 3/8 " wide, 20 1/4 " long
Neck3 piece mahogany/maple - rosewood fingerboard. 22 frets, block inlays. Neck joins the body at the 16th (pre-'67) or 18th fret.
HardwareChrome plated. 2 volume and 2 tone controls, master volume, pickup selector switch. Guild Bigsby vibrato. Kolb tuners, then Grover RotoMatics from 1965. Optional stereo circuitry.
FinishesStandard finishes: initially Cherry and Sunburst. Custom finishes: Ebony Grain, Emerald Green, Amber, Black, White, Blonde, Brown and Natural Mahogany.

The Starfire V, SF-V, or Starfire Deluxe was launched in 1963 alongside the Starefire IV, which went on to be the best selling Starfire of all, and the only one to be continously available. A few changes were made - the tuners were upgraded from 1965, and the neck/body join moved in 1967 (as it did for the Starfire IV and VI) from the 16th to 18th fret. Different pickups were employed - aswell as the usual Starfire small and larger humbuckers, some models were fitter with DeArmond pickups - mounted in pickup rings in regular humbucker sized routes.

1969 Guild catalogue1969 catalogue
Prestige instrument to make you the man to call for the most demanding guitar parts.

1970 Guild catalogue1970 catalogue
Grover RotoMatic machines. Guild model Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. Master volume. Sunburst or Blonde.

1971 Guild catalogue1971 catalogue
New humbucking pickups! More output than ever. All guitars and basses listed in this folder are equipped with Guild's newest pick-ups

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Brian Williams Comment left 16th November 2011 06:06:31
Just wondering if the pick of the Dearmonds from the 90's onwards might be added. Some of them are quite desirable, even if they're are not quite as good as most of the Guilds. Of course, I know it would probably mean extra unpaid work for somebody other than me so fair dos if you kick it into touch.

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