Hagstrom F200N

Also known as HIIN or HG800/801 Special

Hagstrom HG800/801, as shown in the 1975 Hagstrom catalogue
Hagstrom HG800, as shown in the 1975 Hagstrom catalogue
Model: F200N, HIIN or HG800/801
Available: 1969-1976
Pickups: 2 scratchplate mounted humbuckers
Scale: 24 3/4"
Body: Birch
Neck: Birch. 22 frets, dot inlays. Width at nut 1 11/16"
Hardware: 2 volume and 2 tone controls, pckup selector switch. Chrome plated bridge, and machines
Finishes: Black, Cherry, or Sunburst

Although HIIN production commenced in 1969, the majority of these dual humbucker Hagstroms left the Älvdalen plant (Sweden) in the early 1970s. This model was the direct descendant of Hagstrom's 60s models the HII (or F200) and HIII (F300), with some notable differences; primarily pickups (humbuckers rather than single coil units) and headstock shape (tuners 3 per side, rather than 6 in a row) and controls (potentiometers rather than switches). The use of potentiometers was a clear improvement over the various switches that harked back to Hagstrom's early days as an accordion manufacturer.

In fact, the very first batch of HIIN guitars, batch 768, can be considered a transition model between the older HII and newer HIIN, in that it had the Fender-style sigle sided headstock of the former, yet the pickups and controls of the latter. From batch 788 onwards, all HIIN guitars had the familiar two-sided headstock.

The truss rod in the F200N is the typical H expander-stretcher truss rod, patented, and used exclusively in Hagstrom guitar and bass necks, and largely responsible for their claim of the "fastest playing neck in the world".

Hagstrom HIIN production and publicity

1972 Hagstrom HIIN-OT
A 1972 HIIN-OT with fixed tailpiece rather than the standard Hagstrom vibrato
1972 guitar and bass catalogue
A treble position to create a vigourous bright rock sound. A neutral position for a more round and warm tone, often preferred for rhythm chords, and a bass position for the lush and lovely, but still melodic blues sound. 1975 electrics catalogue
Theres good reason for calling this solid-body guitar the Special; it combines outstanding musical quality and workmanship at a moderate price.

The HIIN solid-body electric guitar was also distributed in the United States by Arc as the F200N, and later, when Ampeg became the US distributor as the HG801. Over the course of production, just over 4800 instruments were built, in a total of 19 batches, the last in 1976. A non-vibrato version, with stop tailpiece was given the model designation HIIN-OT, but also known as the HG800 or F200-OT. Furthermore, a bass guitar equivalent, the F400N, HIIBN or HB901 was also available at the same time.

The HIIN is a fine-playing guitar and still commands attention from Hagstrom collectors and players alike.

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James Comment left 23rd July 2019 20:08:29 reply
Your comments I have a red F200N Serial 768168 with the Fender style head on it. Can you tell me when it was made? Have the trem bar, but the little set screw to hold it in place got lost over the years.
vintageguitarandbass Comment left 4th September 2019 05:05:30 reply
Batch 768 was the first of this model - it consisted 250 guitars shipped between 1969 and 1970
ebomb Comment left 23rd July 2019 19:07:03 reply
My sunburst HIIN with a trem serial is 804067 any idea what year?
vintageguitarandbass Comment left 4th September 2019 05:05:51 reply
Hi, batch 804 was of 500 guitars shipped in 1971
Steffan Moisen Comment left 12th July 2019 17:05:06 reply
hey i hope you might be able to help me out here. my dad died and left me this hagstrom and i really dont know a lot about guitars and if i have to sell it i do not want to get ripped off and would love to know more about the guitar and its worth. there is a small metal piece on the back with some numbers on guess its the seriall number 063394 and then there is another number wich is 53. really hope to hear from you
vintageguitarandbass Comment left 4th September 2019 05:05:21 reply
Hi Steffan, according to the Hagstrom serial number book, batch 063 was of 437 Hagstrom Partner guitars - very rare, and quite attractive model. Just 437 guitars in this (as far as I can see, the only) batch, produced in 1979
Johnny Comment left 2nd July 2019 15:03:06 reply
Hi there, today I recieved a HIIN (pretty good condition; a red one with Tremar) and it would be great if you guys could tell me when it was made. The serial number is 53 928198. Thanks in advance!
vintageguitarandbass Comment left 5th July 2019 15:03:59 reply
Batch 928 is of just 200 HIIN shipped in 1974. Yours is #198 of 200
Marco Comment left 5th May 2019 19:07:14 reply
Hi, i just bought a Hagstrom HIIN (with tremolo) and it's really awesome. The serial number is 788341, i would like to know the production year, can anybody help me? thanks!!
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 7th May 2019 06:06:41 reply
Hi Marco, the Hagstrom serial number book lists this as the first batch with 2-sided tuning key arrangement (2-si. mekanik). It is a batch of 500 guitars made in 1970-71.
Al, Cranbrook, BC, Canada Comment left 4th June 2014 19:07:45 reply
Hi... Own an HllN with tremolo, bought it new, just can't remember roughly when. S/N 809123. A production or shipping date would very appreciated. Best! Al
vintageguitarandbass Comment left 4th June 2014 19:07:00 reply
Hi Al, batch 809 is just a small run of 200 Hagstrom HIIN guitars produced in 1971
Iain, Frankfurt, Germany Comment left 27th February 2018 14:02:56 reply
I've got its brother then, 809199. Sunburst with tremolo. Bought it second hand some place on Denmark St. London in 89/90. They had a pair of them in mint condition which were apparently found under a bed. I always thought it was older than me, but according to your info it's a year younger. Thanks. Iain.
Stephen L Shaffer Comment left 12th December 2012 09:09:18 reply
I recently received a Hagstrom guitar. Serial number 820280. Can someone date this guitar for me? Thanks
vintage guitar and bass Comment left 12th December 2012 09:09:56 reply
Hi Stephen, your guitar is a Hagstrom HIIN (also known as F200N or HG800/801). It was a batch of 501 guitars, all produced in Sweden in 1971. Nice guitars actually. Does yours have the tremolo?

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Levys luxury soft case

Levys luxury soft case

"Best bag money can buy, period" - available in five colors: for guitar or bass. Expensive, but exceptional quality.

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