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Vox Stroller (LG50 style)

1961 Vox Stroller electric guitar
1963 Vox Stroller electric guitar

The Stroller was one of Vox's first guitars produced in the UK, from 1961, with the two-pickup Vox Shadow. It was a very simple, entry level instrument: one pickup at the bridge, one volume and tone control and a simple sycamore neck made by Stuart Darkins; a Shoeburyness furniture company. The design is based on the Guyatone (sometimes branded Antoria) LG50 guitar, at the time played by Hank Marvin, of the Shadows. There were some minor differences between the earliest LG50 style Strollers; have a closer look at a two LG50-style Strollers, from 1961 and 1963. Really early examples have the Vox 50s/60s single coil, changing to the V1 single coil perhaps at the beginning of 1963.

1964 Vox Stroller

Vox Stroller electric guitar

By mid-1963 the guitar had evolved; a new body shape, perhaps reminiscent of Shadows guitarist Hank Marvins red Fender Stratocaster. The Hardware was broadly similar to earlier Strollers, with one Vox V1 pickup, a volume and tone control, and the same pressed-metal tailpiece and rosewood bridge. The neck was made by G-plan of Hemel Hempstead; still without adjustable truss rod.

Jennings gave the Stroller a UK model reference number 238, although examples imported into America, by the US distributor Thomas Organ Co. gave it number V-2-1, or V201.

Although the overall body profile did not change beyond 1963, the model did evolve continually over the next four years in which it was produced. Firstly, probably in mid 1964, the input jack was moved from the body edge to the front, mounted onto the scratchplate. Around about this time the body wood was also changed from a thinner laminate construction, to solid mahogany.

Necks remained sycamore, with a stained sycamore unradiused fretboard.

Vox Stroller electric guitar - from the Vox "precision in sound" catalogue, 1964

This is how the instrument was described in the 1964 Vox catalogue 'Precision in Sound'.

Fine quality rhythm solid electric guitar. High grade VOX strings and single pick-up. Separate tone and volume controls. Single side machine heads. reinforced, polished neck with hardwood fingerboard. Adjustable rosewood bridge. Finished in red or white high gloss polyester.

Have a look at the 1966 Vox Stroller parts list produced by Thomas Organ Co. for US Vox dealers.

From around 1965 some (but certainly not all) Vox guitars with the coaxial-style input were offered with a regular guitar jack, typically with a circular scratchplate-material mount covering the pre-drilled mounting holes of the older input, and raising the jack so it would in the otherwise-too-shallow body route. Guitars were still shipped with the coaxial jacks though - whether this was deliberate, or purely to use up old scratchplate assemblies is not clear. Towards the end of Stroller production (1966/67), further improvements were made to the guitar - most notably a larger chrome tailpiece; far nicer than the flimsy pressed metal version used for many years previously. Many of these later Strollers were using older necks, and it is not uncommon to find Vox Strollers with 1967 serial numbers fitted with necks dated 1964 and 1965.

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Paul Lake Comment left 4th August 2017 13:01:40 reply
Your comments Hi Phil, I have a 1960,s vox stroller with TV jack connector, and I changed it many years ago to the 3.5mm type, just used the existing fixing screws with copper wire wrapped around the socket. I have kept the TV ( coaxial type socket ) just in case the right buyer comes along. I also have an AC4 1963 ish, that I have just paid dearly to have it restored to it,s original state. It is nice to know that these instruments still sound good.
Phil Shepherd Comment left 7th August 2016 21:09:36 reply
Interesting page of links. I have just bought a Vox Stroller ( to accompany my original Vox Phantom Special- sadly I stupidly rubbed off the original Vox transfers back in the early 80s before I knew better!!). My Stroller has a TV style connector so do you know if it will wire to a standard tv cable and 1/4 inch jack plug? Any advice on restoration of either would be welcome Phil