Hagstrom eight-string bass, Vox Cheetah semi acoustic guitar with built in effects, Gibson EB3 bass
Hagstrom H-8 eight-string bassVox CheetahGibson EB3
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Vox bass guitar pickups

As used on 1960s Vox electric basses

Part descriptions for Vox bass guitars

JMI early 1960s chrome single coil pickup

Vox V1, part number 09-101-0. These were the first pickups, to appear on a Vox bass. They were fitted to all the early UK-built bass models, and several guitars too: Vox Clubman bass, Vox Bassmaster, Vox Symphonic bass and early versions of the Vox Phantom bass. The presence of the VOX logo was not universal, some basses had one or even two plain, others had Vox logos on both pickup covers.

As can be seen, this is a really simple single coil pickup. The windings are covered with waxed cloth.

Dimensions: length (excl. mounting tabs) 75mm, screw to screw 89mm, width 21mm
Typical resistance: 6.5-7kΩ

Have a listen to some soundclips of Vox guitars and basses equipped with this pickup here

1960s wide spaced single coil

Part number 09-1401-0. This pickup was fitted to British Phantom IV basses.

Mid 1960s narrow spaced single coil

Part number 09-1526-0. This single coil pickup was used in the Vox Panther, Mark IV (V224) and the Italian Phantom IV basses.

Dimensions: length (excl. mounting tabs) 78mm, screw to screw 86mm, width 22mm
Typical resistance: 6.5 kΩ, white plastic.

Mid 1960s narrow spaced single coil

Part number 09-2405-0. This single coil pickup was used on at least one early Italian-made bass; the solid-body Vox Violin bass (V232). Although very similar to the pickup above, it is a little smaller.

Dimensions: length (excl. mounting tabs) 69mm, screw to screw 77mm, width 18mm. Mounting plate 97mm x 35mm
Typical resistance: 5.5 kΩ

Mid 1960s wide spaced single coil

Part number 09-3101-0. This single coil pickup was used on the Vox Wyman bass (V248) and the hollow-body Vox Violin bass (V250).

Late 1960s E.M.E. chrome single coil, ferro sonic pickup

These were the Vox pickups, used on most Italin-built models from early 1967, such as the Vox Astro IV, Vox Constellation IV, Vox Delta IV, Vox Sidewinder IV, Vox Skybolt IV, Vox Spyder IV and Vox Stinger IV. Vox part number 09-3983-0

Dimensions: length (excl. mounting tabs) 75mm, screw to screw 85mm, width 30mm. Mounting plate 105mm x 48mm
Typical resistance:

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