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Part descriptions for Vox guitars

Vox guitars and basses were built/assembled at several different factories worldwide throughout the 1960s. There are control knobs specific to guitars made in Britain, several factories in Italy and Japan.

Vox (JMI) cream/gold plastic control knob

Vox cream/gold plastic control knob

The control knobs used on the first Vox guitars: early British models such as the SB1, SB2, initial versions of the Stroller, Shadow, Duotone, and potentially other models. In use as late as early 1963. Diameter (at widest point) 24.6mm, height 12.5mm. Grub screw, slotted head, 2.7mm x 6.1mm.

Vox (JMI) white plastic control knob 1 Vox (JMI) white plastic control knob 2 Vox (JMI) white plastic control knob 3

Vox (JMI) white plastic control knob

US part number 09-107-0. The most widely used control knob on UK (JMI) Vox guitars - and also used on some early Vox amplifiers too. Fitted to numerous solid-body guitar models from around late 1962/early 1963, until the end of UK production in 1967, although some of these guitars were latterly fitted with the black plastic or metal knobs detailed below. Ace, Bassmaster, Clubman, Clubman bass, Duotone, Escort, Marauder, Shadow (2-pickup model), Soloist and Stroller. Diameter (at base) 19.2mm, height 13.7mm. Grub screw, slotted head, 3.5mm x 6.5mm. >>more

Vox (JMI) black plastic control knob 1 Vox (JMI) black plastic control knob 2 Vox (JMI) black plastic control knob 3

Vox (JMI) black plastic control knob

US part number 09-703-0. These knobs are identical to the white knobs above (part 09-107-0) in every way save for colouration; and used roughly over the same period. Fitted to a number of three-pickup solid body guitars produced at the Dartford (UK) Vox factory: the Shadow/Dominator (3 pickup models only)), the Super Ace, and the rarely seen Vox Apache. Diameter (at base) 19.2mm, height 13.7mm. Grub screw, slotted head, 3.5mm x 6.5mm. >>more

Crucianelli (Italy) plastic control knob 1 Crucianelli (Italy) plastic control knob 2

Crucianelli black plastic etched control knob

Italian manufacturer Crucianelli produced a number of semi-acoustic guitars for Vox in the early/mid 1960s. US part numbers 09-1605-0 (volume) and 09-1606-0 (tone). As used on the Vox Lynx, Challenger, Cougar bass and Escort bass from at least 1964. >>more

Vox (JMI) metal control knobs Vox (JMI) metal control knob - from 1964 Vox Symphonic bass Vox (JMI) metal control knob 3 - from 1965 Vox Ace guitar

Vox (JMI) metal knurled control knob

Vox fitted knurled metal knobs to a number of high-end UK-produced models from 1963 until 1967, plus a few Italian models around 1966. Cheaper models that were typically shipped with the white plastic knobs (above) in the UK were often fitted with these metal knobs when sold in the US - though whether these were added in the UK or on arrival in the US is unclear.

Two main variations are suggested in Vox literature, part 09-141-0, used on the Stroller, Clubman, Clubman bass and Bassmaster, and part 09-314-0 used on just about all other JMI (and some Crucianelli and Eko guitars): the Ace, Super Ace, Symphonic bass, Shadow, Phantom (all JMI models), Mark (all JMI models), Soundcaster, Consort, Lynx, Soundcaster, Super Lynx, Cougar bass, Spitfire, New Escort, Bobcat, Student Prince, Violin bass, Meteor and Super Meteor.

There were also etched versions for UK-produced guitars with built-in effects, with their own part numbers [to be added]

There seems to be some variation in precise dimensions of these knobs, specifically regarding the width, height and pattern of the knurled part of the knob. These were produced on a lathe (presumably by hand), and it is not clear whether lack of uniformity between batches is deliberate or a consequence of their method or place of production. It is probable that Eko had a separate supply of these knobs, despite the same part number, highlighted by the different knurl pattern and grub screw. Click on the images for more about the subtle differences between these knobs. >>more

Eko (Italy) chrome control knob with rubber ring 1 Eko (Italy) chrome control knob with rubber ring 2

Vox (Eko) Chrome control knob with rubber ring

Part number 09-2757-0

These heavier knobs were fitted as standard to Vox guitars built by Eko circa 1966. Only the Italian models, British guitars continued with the metal knurled knobs shown above: the Phantom, Mark, Wyman bass, Bulldog, Harlem, Panther, New Orleans, Tornado, Violin bass acoustic, Super Lynx Deluxe, Wildcat, Typhoon, Spitfire and Hurricane.

Diameter (at base) 25mm, height 15mm. Grub screw, slotted head, 2.7mm x 6.2mm. 1966 Thomas Organ Company (US) Vox literature suggests this as their recommended universal control knob. >>more

Vox (EME) plastic cream bell knob 1 Vox (EME) plastic cream bell knob 2 Vox (EME) plastic cream bell knob 3

Vox (EME) plastic cream bell knob

Fitted to Italian models produced at the EME plant in Recanati. Built in electronic effects were a major feature of these guitars, and the controls were labelled accordingly. Each knob has a silver insert labelled: Volume 1 (part 09-3720-0), Tone 1 (09-3719-0), Tone 2 (09-3766-0), Distortion (09-3721-0), Repeat (09-3767-0) or TR-B Boost (09-3722-0). As fitted to the Vox Thunderjet, Delta, Invader, Apollo, Bossman, Cheetah, Ultrasonic, Star Stream, Grand Prix, Saturn, Aristocrat and Viper guitars, plus the Hawk, Delta, Sidewinder, Astro, Constellation, Saturn, Skybolt, Spyder and Stinger basses. >>more

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Tony Williams Comment left 9th June 2017 14:02:53 reply
Hi I'm looking for three/four white control knobs for my Stroller re-build any idea where I might be able to buy these -either original or repro Thanks
Pat Finnigan Comment left 3rd March 2017 22:10:22 reply
Looking for two of the Vox/EKO knobs for a Wyman bass: any available?
Bill Atkins Comment left 7th August 2016 21:09:05 reply
David McIntosh - The chicken head knobs were made by Bulgin and yes, they have grub screws.
David McIntosh Comment left 4th December 2015 07:07:06 reply
I'm looking for vox amp knob for my vintage AC30B and an orange coloured amp leg. Do the chicken knobs have a set screw?



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