Gibson advertisement (1972)

The Man and the Woman

Gibson ES-355TD-SV

Gibson advertisement (1972) The Man and the Woman

BB King in full flow on his ES-355TD-SV. BB King has used high-end Gibson thin-line hollow bodies like the ES-355 for the best part of the last half century, all called Lucille. This finally resulted in Gibson issuing a BB King signature guitar, the BB King Lucille; effectively an ES-355 without f-holes.

The man: B. B. King.
The woman: Lucille, the King's Gibson guitar.
They've been places few ever dream of getting.
To street and alley sounds that sting like brass on brick.
To the quiet, sharp crack of heartbreak.
To the chain-heavy thunder of a troubled mind.
To the cold singing of flophouse bed springs.
To long cold ribbons of misery-crying.
To the muffled wetness of pillow-hidden weeping.
To the bluest. The lostest. The downest.
To the top of the heap. The mountain. The world.
If you're going places on the guitar, wouldn't it be great to travel with a woman like Lucille?


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