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Electric acoustic guitar

Trini Lopez Deluxe description | 1965 promotional sheet

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe

The Trini Lopez Deluxe and Trini Lopez Standard were two fine electric acoustic guitars, produced by Gibson as part of their artist series: signature guitars for Johnny Smith, Barney Kessel and Tal Farlow.

They were constructed at Gibson's plant in Kalamazoo in Michigan USA, and shipped from 1964 until 1971, with the Standard outselling the Deluxe by a ratio of roughly 6:1. Both models were first listed in the February 1965 Gibson US price list, with the Deluxe priced significantly higher at $645 (compared to just $375 for the Standard).

The two Trini Lopez guitars were quite different in design; but both shared certain features: the Firebird-style headstock, split diamond neck inlays, Trini Lopez emblem tailpiece and bound diamond sound holes. The Deluxe with it's double Florentine cutaways and 3" body depth has a similar look to the Barney Kessel - though made of completely different woods - a maple body, mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. The Standard was a thinline, looking more like a variant of the ES-335.

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe promo sheet

Promotional sheet advertizing the then-new Trini Lopez Deluxe guitar from around 1964/1965

1966 Gibson catalogue
1970 Gibson electric acoustics catalogue

The Deluxe was included in two US catalogues: The 1966 Guitars & Amplifiers and the 1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics. The following description /specifications is taken from the 1970 catalogue.

TRINI LOPEZ DELUXE - Artist Model Styled for today's guitarist, the Trini Lopez Deluxe features a deep modern double cutaway and exceptional electronic response. Exquisitely fashioned in curly maple with cream binding and shell pickguard.

FEATURES: Curly maple top, back, rims with cream binding and bound "diamond" sound holes. Slim, fast, low action mahogany neck joins body at the 17th fret with diamond shaped pearl inlays and adjustable truss rod. 20 fret ebony fingerboard. Two balanced tone humbucking pickups with standby switch. Rosewood bridge base and chrome- plated Tone-O-Matic bridge. Chrome-plated machine heads. Special chrome pickguard. 17" wide, 21" long, 3" deep; 24 3/4" scale, 20 frets.

TL-D Trini Lopez Deluxe - Cherry Sunburst Finish
605 - Faultless plush-lined case

The Trini Lopez Deluxe only appeared in two US Gibson catalogues, the 1966 and the 1970. As the sixties drew to a close, orders dropped considerably from 1967 peak levels (as can be seen in the shipping data below, and the model was no longer included in Gibson price lists from 1971.

Shipping Figures

Model \ Year19641965196619671968196919701971total
Trini Lopez Deluxe245409284211833*335
Trini Lopez Standard33214857832421072533*1999

*in 1971, shipping figures do not distinguish between the Deluxe and Standard, merely stating that 33 Trini Lopez guitars were shipped

The guitars that Trini Lopez was pictured with differ slightly from the versions pictured in the Gibson cataloges. The first guitar (below left) has an upturned headstock - different from all other pictured Trini Lopez Deluxes. Perhaps this is one of the 2 Deluxes manufactured in 1964. The guitar on the right has the same headstock as the catalogue images, however it is fitted with a very different diamond scratchplate, echoing the diamond soundholes of the guitar.

Trini Lopez with his 1965 Trini Lopez Deluxe

Trini Lopez with Trini Lopez Deluxe - from the Winter 1965 copy of Gibson Gazette

Trini Lopez with his 1967 Trini Lopez Deluxe

Trini Lopez with Trini Lopez Deluxe - from the 1967 Vol. 1 of Gibson Gazette

Original Advertising

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1965 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Gibson advertisements

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe - Trini Lopez

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe - Trini Lopez (1965)
One of a series of Gibson advertisements featuring Gibson endorsing artists, each with a high end electric acoustic guitar. This advertisement was widely reproduced throughout 1965. The illustratio...

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe - Gibson, the workingman

Gibson Trini Lopez Deluxe - Gibson, the workingman's guitar (Trini Lopez) (1967)
Gibson advert featuring Gibson artist Trini Lopez, playing his signature model, the Trini Lopez Deluxe.

Trini Lopez at work for Gibson and Reprise records

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