Gibson EB2 Bass

Semi acoustic 1960s and early 1970s Gibson bass guitar

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1968 Gibson EB-2D electric bass guitar
Gibson 1958 Electrics Catalogue

The EB2 was first announced in the 1958 Gibson Electrics catalogue

This new thin model Gibson double cutaway electric bass is the ideal companion for the new ES-335T guitar. True bass-pitch response throughout its tonal range. Now the player has easy access to the complete twenty fret range on all four strings. New body construction, with solid fining neck, pickup, and combination tailpiece-bridge, provides the solidity to produce clear, resonant, sustaining bass response

Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue

The EB2s popularity had increased by the mid 1960s. 1966 Gibson full line catalogue

The EB2 hollow-body electric bass provides an exciting "new look" with its thin body double cutaway design. The sensational Gibson Base / Baritone Pushbutton gives the bass player the enormous range and versatility he's always wanted. It's a combination of dramatic good looks and driving, full tone for a sound that really sells a combo!

Gibson 1968 pamphlet

The EB2 was featured in the 1968 pamphlet. 1968 Gibson pamphlet

Move your group forward with a new drive. The sensational Gibson bass / baritone pushbutton provides great bass range. And this hollow-body electric bass is unbelievably thin. Single or twin pickups.

Gibson 1970 electric bass catalogue

1970 Gibson bass catalogue

A hollow-body electric bass that features a Bass/Baritone push button for tow different tonal characteristics

The EB2 bass guitar was launched in early 1958 as a companion model to the new thinline semi acoustic guitar the ES-335T. It was available in several variations between 1958-61 and 1964-72. The bass on the right is a 1968 EB-2D.

Gibson subsidary Epiphone made a very similar model, the Rivoli, which was constructed in the same manor, of the same materials. The differences were cosmetic - the headstock shape and markings were in the Epiphone style, as was the scratchplate.

The description below comes from the 1970 Gibson Bass catalogue which was the last to feature the EB2; the one-pickup model was dropped in 1970, but the two pickup EB-2D was still listed in price lists throughout 1972

The following description is taken from the 1970 Gibson catalogue

A hollow-body electric bass that features a Bass/Baritone pushbutton for two different tonal characteristics. This feature allows the bass player to achieve enormous range and versatility ... a popular combination with today's groups.

FEATURES: Curly maple arched top, back, and rims with ivoroid binding. Slim, fast, low-action neck joins the body at the 18th fret. Three-piece laminated mahogany neck equipped with adjustable truss rod. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Combination bridge and tailpiece adjustable horizontally and vertically. Powerful humbucking pickups with separate tone and volume controls. Bass/ Baritone Pushbutton for two different tonal characteristics. Mute. 16" wide, 19" long, 1¾" thin; 30½" scale, 20 frets.

1964/65 Gibson EB2 promo sheet

1964/65 Gibson EB2 promo sheet

EB-2 Single pickup Sunburst finish
EB-2C Single pickup Cherry finish
EB-2W Single pickup Walnut finish
EB-2D Double pickups Sunburst finish
EB-2DC Double pickups Cherry finish
EB-2DW Double pickups Walnut finish

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D.E.Barker Comment left 16th February 2017 16:04:18 reply
was looking for some help on dating a Gibson bass. the serial # appears to be 507424. I was told that it was an EB2 from the late 60's. I have been having trouble deciphering the date from the serial# thru the few sites I have visited. Any help is appreciated. Thanks D.B.
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 16th February 2017 17:05:36 reply
Hi D - sorry, you can not precisely pin down a date with the six-digit serial numbers alone... the fact is Gibson made so many instruments around this time that numbers got reused before they eventually came up with a better system in the late 70s. I have seen 5xxxxx serial numbers on '66 and '68 EB2s, and there could potentially be examples from 1970 too. If it is fitted with a one-piece bar bridge it's a '66 - if it has the plastic saddles it's a '68. If it has this bridge but also 'made in USA' on the headstock reverse it's a 1970. Feel free to send me pics if in doubt.
walliewilliamsjr Comment left 16th July 2012 19:07:33 reply
very informative,I,ve use various basses,over the yr,s since 13 and owned them all,I still have a gibson2 and Ibanez vintage.I ve played over47 yr,s Thankyou.