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Full Color Sound - Fender advertisement (1967)

Fender Coronado, Fender Jazz bass, Fender Solid-State Twin Reverb amplifier, Fender Wildwood acoustic

Fender advertisement (1967) Full Color Sound

Advert for the Fender display at the June 1967 NAMM show in Chicago, USA. It features a number of instruments 'representing the complete musical spectrum': a Jazz Bass, a Coronado II electric acoustic, the Wildwood acoustic (with stained grain back and sides) and finally the Solid-State Twin/Reverb Amplifier.

The Coronado and Wildwood acoustics were fairly new models, although they had been around long enough to be included in the 1966 Fender catalogue. The Solid State amplifier range was brand new though, and had not been included in Fender catalogues to date. Note the very early tailpiece design of the Fender Coronado; this was only fitted to the very earliest examples used for promotional purposes, and was not generally fitted to production guitars.



Other related vintage advertisements
Fender Jazz - The most imitated guitar in the worldFender Jazz - The most imitated guitar in the world
Early sixties Fender advert for three guitars and one bass - the Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Jazz bass, highlighting the design and components that made these guitars: bridges, pickups, etc
Fender Jazz - Quality Means ConfidenceFender Jazz - Quality Means Confidence
Early sixties advert for the Fender Jazz bass and the Stratocaster guitar
Fender Jazz - The Most Imitated Guitars In The WorldFender Jazz - The Most Imitated Guitars In The World
Mid sixties Fender advert featuring the Fender Jazz bass, Fender Jaguar guitar, Fender Wildwood acoustic, and a new model, the Fender Bandmaster amplifier.
Fender Jazz - The Name that Makes the DifferenceFender Jazz - The Name that Makes the Difference
This mid sixties advert shows a Fender decal being applied to a Jazz bass. Despite the model depicted, this is really an advert for the Fender company rather than any individual model.
Fender Coronado - OléFender Coronado - Olé
Fender advert from the middle of 1966 for Fender guitars. Featuring the Stratocaster and Jaguar solid-bodies, the Coronado semi-acoustic and the Concert acoustic.
Fender Coronado - Full Color SoundFender Coronado - Full Color Sound
From Fender Musical Instruments, representing the complete musical spectrum with a selection of master-crafted guitars and amplifiers. See the complete line of Fender Musical Instruments at any aut...
Fender Jazz - Get FenderizedFender Jazz - Get Fenderized
Heavily promoted advert / Competition for Fender in 1967, giving the opportunity to win a 'bandfull' of instruments. The first prize was a Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitar, Jazz bass, Bassman an...
Fender Coronado - Great New Sound. Same Old QualityFender Coronado - Great New Sound. Same Old Quality
1967 saw Fender pushing some new lines
Fantastic customized, one-ot-a-kind WILDWOOD guitars: new expanded Coronado Series guitars and basses; the new improved Fender Solid-State Series amps; all...
Fender Solid-State Twin Reverb - The Heavys From FenderFender Solid-State Twin Reverb - The Heavys From Fender
They drive hard. Featuring 4 Fender solid state amps: Vibrolux/Reverb, Deluxe/Reverb, Twin/Reverb and Super/Reverb
Fender Jazz - Fender. What more need we sayFender Jazz - Fender. What more need we say
just that Fender guitars are played by stars the world over - from big-beat blues to folk music, c&w to acid rock. The greatest guitars in the world
UK Dallas Arbiter (Fender distributor) fe...

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