Epiphone Sorrento E452T

Thinline semi acoustic

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Epiphone SorrentoThe Epiphone Sorrento from the 1966 Epiphone catalogue - Natural finish
Model: Sorrento E452T and E452TD
Available: 1960-1969
Pickups: One (E452T) or two (E452TD) mini humbuckers
Scale: 24 3/4"
Body: Maple sides and back with a maple top. 16 1/4" wide (lower bout), 20 1/4" long, 1 3/4" thick. Single-ply binding
Neck: Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays (1960-61) or pearl oval inlays (1961-69). Traditional Epiphone headstock until 1964, 'cola-bottle' headstock beyond this. Inlaid Epiphone logo on the headstock. 20 frets, body meeting the neck at the 14th fret.
Hardware: 1 or 2 volume and 1 or 2 tone controls. Tune-o-matic free floating bridge with bail-type tailpiece.
Finishes: Natural, Royal Olive, Shaded (Sunburst), and Cherry (from 1966)

The Epiphone Sorrento was a thinline electric acoustic guitar, produced by Gibson at their Kalamazoo factory during the 1960s. It was, in many ways, an equivalent model to the Gibson ES-125TC and ES-125TDC; many Gibson instruments had an Epiphone version, and some, like the Sorrento, were very similar indeed. But the Sorrento was also very similar in style to a slightly earlier Epiphone, the Epiphone Windsor, first shipped in 1959, though without the Windsor's gold-plated hardware.

It sold moderately well in the first half of the 1960s (although nowhere near as well as the ES-125TC and TDC), with 1966 the peak year. Sales dropped off considerably in the later part of the decade. The published shipping figures are reproduced below, with several inconsistancies, and unknowns included.

The model numbers have the following meanings T - thinline, N - natural finish, D - double pickup, 3/4 - three quarter size, V - vibrato. A lack of colour code implies a Royal Olive or Shaded/Sunburst finish. For this model, C stands for Cherry finish, however some other guitars (specifically the closely related ES-125 thinlines) C stands for cutaway - to differentiate between the cutaway and non-cutaway versions (ES-125TC and ES-125T, respectively). The statistics below list 'E452TC' and 'E452TC Cherry' as separate instruments. It would seem that this is an error, presumably based on the ES-125 nomenclature, and in all probability they represent same instrument.

Epiphone Sorrento shipping statistics

The grand total of 2631 Sorrentos shipped in the 1960s corresponds to just under 10000 ES-125TC and ES-125TDC guitars over the same time period

 double pickupsingle pickup 
 E452TDCE452TDNE452TDE452TNE452TE452T 3/4E452TVE452TCE452TC CherryTOTAL
1960  421064    116
1961 211025209129  367
1962 15851319022   325
1963 10961119921   337
1964 3745198    280
1965 1511016196    337
1966 128715272  11577
1967484104 45  7 208
196812 19 7 13 42
196924 12 6    42

Epiphone Sorrento catalogue appearances

Epiphone 1961 full line catalogue
1961 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue

Now in Royal Olive - a striking new color, rich and luxurious in appearance.
Epiphone 1962 full line catalogue
1962 'guitars, basses, amplifiers' catalogue

Outstanding in features, especially the powerful humbucking pickups that provide greater sustain and tonal clarity while reducing hum and noise. Models available with single pickup, located for best overall response... or two pickups, located for contrasting treble and bass
Epiphone 1964 full line catalogue
1964 full line catalogue

This is the first catalogue to show the Sorrento in colour
Epiphone 1966 full line catalogue
1966 full line catalogue

Today the electric Spanish guitar is found everywhere... orchestras, combos, jazz bands and as a featured solo instrument. Epiphone electric Spanish guitars suit the need of every player, from the top professional, to the semi-pro, to the amateur.

The Sorrento has had several limited reissues from the 1990s onwards.

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