Gibson Melody Maker, Harmony H22 bass, Vox Ultrasonic
1969 Gibson Melody Maker guitarHarmony H22 bassVox Ultrasonic guitar, with built-in effects
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Fender Jazzmaster

electric guitar

Vintage advertisements for the Fender Jazzmaster

Electric Guitar advertisements originally published from 1962 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies.
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Fender Jazzmaster - Boy I Can

Fender Jazzmaster - Boy I Can't Wait (1962)
'til I get my new Fender Guitar and Amp

Early sixties Fender Jazzmaster advert

Fender Jazzmaster - The most imitated guitar in the world

Fender Jazzmaster - The most imitated guitar in the world (1963)
Early sixties Fender advert for three guitars and one bass - the Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Jazz bass, highlighting the design and components that made these guitars: bridges, pickups, etc

Fender Jazzmaster - You Won

Fender Jazzmaster - You Won't Part With Yours Either (1965)
In 1964-67 Fender ran a series of adverts entitled "You won't part with yours either"; each one illustrated by a Fender user with an unusually strong attachment to their guitar, taking them surfing...

Fender Jazzmaster - You won

Fender Jazzmaster - You won't part with yours either (1966)
Mid sixties Fender advertisement for the Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar and Fender King acoustic; both strapped to the back of a Porsche sports car.

Fender Jazzmaster - Wherever you go you

Fender Jazzmaster - Wherever you go you'll find Fender (1967)
Advert for the Fender full line catalog, featuring a man boarding a London routemaster bus with a Fender Jazzmaster guitar strapped to his back.

This is one of a series of interesting Fender...

Fender Jazzmaster - Get Fenderized

Fender Jazzmaster - Get Fenderized (1967)
Heavily promoted advert / Competition for Fender in 1967, giving the opportunity to win a 'bandfull' of instruments. The first prize was a Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitar, Jazz bass, Bassman an...

The following description is taken from the 1969 Fender lovin' care catalogue

Careful design and outstanding playing characteristics of the Jazzmaster have made it one of the favourites of guitarists around the world.

It features a Floating Tremolo working in conjunction with a Floating Bridge for the smoothest possible action, returning to tuned pitch without variance. A "Trem-lok" stops the tremolo block permitting strings to be changed simultaneously or individually and also prevents detuning should one break during a performance.

The Floating Bridge consists of a master bridge adjustable to varying heights. . On it rest six individual bridges each adjustable for length and height, making possible accurate adjustments for perfect intonation and custom playing action. The "off-set" waist body design is another Fender first. This unique design places the player's arm so that considerably greater comfort is achieved.

Two extended range pickups are adjustable for string balance and offer variations from mellow and soft rhythm settings to high tension treble. A separate rhythm circuit enables the player to preset tone and volume in each circuit independently, permitting rapid changes without the need of further adjustments. Tones can be modified with the three-position switch in the lead circuit interacting the pickups and also by use of a separate tone control.

The truss-rod reinforced neck is a natural blonde maple; the rosewood fingerboard is bound and has inlaid position markers to make fretting easier and add to its overall beauty. All metal parts subject to wear are case hardened and heavily plated to retain their beauty after long use. Guitarists find the Jazzmaster offers excellent comfort, tone response and workmanship. . It is finished in Shaded Sunburst or in selected custom finishes. Necks may also be ordered in one size wider or a size narrower than standard at the nut. Left-hand models available by special order.

Standard neck width: 1 5/8" at nut; 1 " and 1 " by special order.

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