Gibson L6-S technical information

schematics & parts lists

Part lists and schematics for the Gibson L6-S Custom and L6-S Deluxe. The L6-S Custom was designed by Bill Lawrence with 'Q-system' electronics (short for EQ), somewhat similar to those in the Gibson Ripper. The circuitry used an LCR networks with an inductor to filter midrange output, via the midrange control. See the L6-S controls for a reminder of the function of the three potentiometers.

Gibson L6-S Custom schematic

L6-S Custom schematic

L6-S Custom wiring

Control wiring image - taken from a 1976 Gibson L6-S Custom. Note that all three potentiometers are Gibson part 70029 - 300kΩ in contrast to the 250kΩ parts described in the 1973. Other Gibson pots were listed in Gibson literature throughout the course of production - summarised here.

Gibson L6-S Custom parts list

1977 Gibson part list for the L6-S Gibson L6-S pickup Gibson potentiometer part 70028 Gibson potentiometer part 70021

When only one variant of the L6-S existed, it was simply called the L6-S. However, this model became the L6-S Custom as other models were added to the line in the mid 1970s

Gibson regularly produced lists of constituent components for each of their guitars; this first list (left) was produced in the 1977 Gibson replacement parts catalogue, at a time that the 'Custom' was used in other Gibson literature (the January 1977 price list for example) - although note that it is not used here. The Deluxe is not listed in entirety in this catalogue, although it's pickup is.

The second list reproduced here (below) was included in the 1981 Gibson part list, towards the very end of the instruments production period. It lists all components, with associated part codes for a 1980 Gibson L6-S Custom guitar. Note some minor changes in part numbers, from the 1977 list above: specifically control assembly components, but the two lists are generally similar.

Components listed in blue can be clicked for further details.

L6-S Custom parts list Gibson L6-S pickup Gibson L6-S pickup Gibson potentiometer part 70041 Gibson potentiometer part 70029 Schaller M6 tuning keys

Gibson L6-S Deluxe parts list

L6-S Deluxe parts list

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