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Gibson low impedance Les Paul brochure. Right hand side of a two-page spread. The Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar and the Gibson Les Paul Triumph bass are both pictured in this gatefold brochure, though only the Recording guitar is shown on this page.

These guitars offer you more sounds than ever before possible on any one instrument. Adaptable sounds that lend themselves to any one of the many contemporary music forms of today. Yet, these sounds are so futuristic, no one has come up with adjectives to describe them

Although the Recording guitar was launched in mid-1971, the Les Paul Personal and Professional, which the Recording effectively replaced, still shipped in small numbers as late as 1973. The Les Paul Recording was pitched inbetween the Personal and Professional, with a launch price of $625 - and it immediately outsold these models, with 236 Recording guitars shipped in 1971 (despite not being available for the entire year) compared to 116 Personals and 95 Professionals (see the Les Paul Recording shipping stats).

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1971 Gibson low impedance brochure - page 3

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