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Hagstrom Electric Guitar List

Electric guitars by Hagstrom of Sweden

Hagstrom Electric Guitars

Solid bodied guitars

Hagstrom De-Luxe
Hagstrom Standard 80
Hagstrom I
Hagstrom II / F200
Hagstrom III / F300
Hagstrom 12 / F-12S
Hagstrom HIIN / HG801 / F200N
   1972 Hagstrom HIIN-OT
Hagstrom Condor / Corvette
Hagstrom Impala
Hagstrom Swede
Hagstrom Super Swede

Semi acoustic guitars

Hagstrom Viking
Jimmy D'Aquisto
1972 Hagstrom catalogue page, showing the Swede, Jimmy D

1972 Hagstrom catalogue page, showing the Swede, Jimmy D'Aquisto, V-1N and F-200N

Although originally an accordian company, Swedish instrument manufacturer Hagstrom produced electric guitars at it's Alvdalen plant from 1958 (the first batch being 101 Hagstrom De-Luxe guitars), right through the 1960s, 1970s and as late as 1983. A number of interesting models were produced and distributed worldwide, under the names Hagstrom, Futurama and Kent. Whatsmore, Hagstrom components (primarily pickups and bridges) were also used by other guitar companies, most notably Guild of New York.

Mid sixties solid-bodies like the Hagstrom I, II and III sold well, but others like the Corvette (or Condor as it was known in the USA) and the semi-acoustic Viking really enhanced the companies reputation. But perhaps the best known Hagstrom electric is the single cutaway Les Paul-style Swede, first appearing in 1970.

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Notable Hagstrom electric guitar players include David Bowie, who played a red Kent-branded Hagstrom III in his Ziggy Stardust days; Frank Zappa who appeared in numerous Hagstrom adverts especially for the 12-string H12; and Elvis Presley, who famously used a Viking II at his 1968 comeback special.

Vintage Hagstrom guitars are somewhat collectable. They were well-built and generally still function as playable instruments - with one possible execption; the switches on 1950s/1960s models can be slightly unreliable, especially if unplayed for long periods of time.

Further information on some of these classic models are available by following the links below. See also Hagstrom bass guitars

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Vintage Hagstrom guitars for sale

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Lena Comment left 30th November 2013 22:10:45
Hi I bought the contents of a storage auction and found an electric guitar inside. It's a Hagstrom with sparkle blue color. The back has a silver colored tab says Made By Hagstrom SWEDEN Pat. S 484053. If you can tell me anything about this guitar that would be great. I know absolutely nothing about guitars. Thanks
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 30th November 2013 22:10:43
Hi Lena, Batch 484 consisted of 264 Hagstrom Standard 80 guitars, produced between 1960-61. Yours being #53 in the batch is probably from 1960. These early models can fetch a reasonable amount, typically high xxx dollars, but as usual, condition is paramount.
Steve Potter Comment left 8th June 2017 19:07:35
I have a hagstrom electric guitar serial 829059. Could you please give me some information about this guitar. Thank you
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 8th June 2017 19:07:54
Hi Steve, batch 829 was of 159 HIINOT guitars produced in 1971 and 72. The next batch was 845 - all made in 1972 - have a look at an example from batch 845 here http://www.vintageguitarandbass.com/hagstrom/1972_HIIN-OT.php

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