Hofner Committee

Archtop electric acoustic guitar

The Hofner Committee was a really fine electric acoustic guitar produced by Hofner, and distributed in great Britain and tthe Commonwealth by Selmer UK. It was designed, with input from a "committee of Britain's top six guitarists", hence the name. It was introduced as an archtop acoustic in 1954, with an electric model following in 1956.

The Committee is a stunning guitar, with early models easily identifiable by it's ornate frondose headstock that only appears on this model, and the (relatively uncommon) Golden Hofner. This was a large bodied archtop, with a width of 17 1/2", and a carved spruce top; though electric models (only) transitioned to a larger body (18" wide) with a laminate top through 1963. At this point the headstock also took on a more conventional shape.

Hofner Committee catalog description

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1968 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Hofner advertisements

Hofner Committee - Hofner is Not the Best Guitar in the World But it is By Far the Best in its Class

Hofner Committee - Hofner is Not the Best Guitar in the World But it is By Far the Best in its Class (1968)
UK magazine advertisement. Not the most expected of advertising claims - but this Hofner guitar advertisement was placed by Selmer, the UK Hofner distributor, who also sold guitars made by Gibson, ...

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Hofner Committee for sale

1965 Hofner Committee Thinline - Thin E2 - All Original - Gorgeous Birdseye Back



This all original Hofner plays great with its recent setup with Thomastik-Infeld flatwound strings. The staple style pickups sound great and all of the electronics work perfectly. The woods are gorgeous. The birdseye used for the back is simply amazing. The inlay work is typical for higher end Hofner's and is quite stunning. The guitar has picked up quite a few dings, as can be seen in the pictures, but this guitar is solid as a rock. It's a really nice guitar. I actually hung onto this one for ... more

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