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Marshall 4140 Country and Club

Marshall 2x12 valve guitar combo

Vintage advertisements for the Marshall Club and Country 4140

Amplifier advertisements originally published from 1979 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies.
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Marshall Club and Country 4140 - Rose-Morris Marshall

Marshall Club and Country 4140 - Rose-Morris Marshall (1979)
Late seventies Rose-Morris advertisement for three Marshall valve amplifiers. The Country and Club range consisted of two valve combos for guitar: the Marshall 4140 (2x12) and the Marshall 4145 (4x...

The Marshall 4140 Country and Club, was designed for a cleaner sound than Marshall is normally associated with - as the name implies. Debuting in 1978, was is effectively Marshall's version of the Fender Twin. The following extract comes from original 70s publicity material

Two years of extensive research and development by the Marshall engineers, has produced the ultimate club and country musician's combo. The powerful, new 100W valve amplifier, driving two specially designed 12" (30.48 cm) 80W speakers, utilises two channels for a rich, smooth sound. Channel one features reverb and boost (also controllable with footswitch provided), whilst channel two has a flatter response for microphone, or second instrument use. Finished in brown oak leathercloth, with straw coloured speaker fret

US ebay listings

1978 Marshall 4140 Crossover guitar amplifier print Ad

Current price: $9.99
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Time left: 23d 45m
Marshall 79' Club and Country Vintage Tube 4150 Bass Combo Amplifier

Current price: $3000.00
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Time left: 10d 12h 36m
Vintage Marshall 4140 Combo Amplifier Review Print Ad

Current price: $9.99
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Time left: 13d 30m
Marshall JMP 4140/4145/4150 Club+Country Tube Set 6550

Current price: $146.98
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Time left: 19d 7h 39m
D2F® Padded Cover for Marshall 4145 4x10 - Three Handles - Extension Cabinet

Current price: $94.95
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Time left: 28d 18h 40m
Tube Complement for Marshall Club & Country, JJ tubes

Current price: $196.05
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Time left: 1d 22h 58m
Custom padded cover for Marshall 4140 Club Country Circa 1979

Current price: $42.75
buy it now
Time left: 18d 18h 32m
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