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Ovation 1975 solid-body catalogue
Ovation Deacon

The Ovation Deacon was launched towards the end of 1972 / early 1973 at a price of $449 - a few months after the launch of the Ovation Breadwinner. Both had the same body shape - designed to resemble an axe, and to be comfortable to use seated, for studio use. Both had 2 octave 24 fret mahogany necks. Initially it was only available in antique sunburst, and was fitted with large single coil pickups. An upgraded version was displayed at the autumn 1974 NAMM show - and from then it featured double-coil 12-pole pickups, "20dB quieter than Humbuckings". In 1976 a twelve string version was released.

The Deacon was very much a deluxe version of the Breadwinner - with a gloss finish, bound neck and intricate diamond, as opposed to simple dot inlays.

ModelDeacon 1252Deacon 1253 (12-string)
Pickupssingle coil until 1975, 12-pole double coil thereafter12-pole double coil
Scale24 3/4"
BodyMahogany body, length 39 1/2", width 14 1/2", depth 1 5/8"
NeckBolt-on two-piece Honduras bound mahogany neck, with ebony, diamond-shaped dot inlaid fingerboard
Width at nut1 11/16"
Electrics and controlsFET preamp, 1 volume and tone control, mid-range switch, pickup selector switch
Hardware12:1 machineheads, brass bridge. Chrome plated throughout.
Finishes1252-1 Sunburst, 1252-2 Red, 1252-4 Natural, Black and White

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1974 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Ovation advertisements

Ovation Deacon 1252 - don

Ovation Deacon 1252 - don't dilly dally... "Dude" da Deacons dynamite (1974)
Mid seventies advert for the Deacon. The model shown is an early version with the large single coil pickups, as opposed to the later double coil 12 pole piece version

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation Solid Bodies - They

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation Solid Bodies - They're Worth A Try (1975)
1975 advert highlighting the main features of the Ovation Breadwinner and Deacon solid body electrics

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation solid bodies. Part of the Strawbs

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation solid bodies. Part of the Strawbs' sound. (1976)
Mid seventies ad featuring Dave Lambert of the Strawbs and his Ovation Deacon

The Ovation Deacon has the widest tonal range of any electric guitar on the market. This fantastic range makes i...

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Bloody comfortable

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Bloody comfortable (1976)
Mid seventies Ovation advert featuring Steve Marriott (Small Faces / Humble Pie) and his Ovation Deacon

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation Solid Bodies - They

Ovation Deacon 1252 - Ovation Solid Bodies - They're Worth a Try (1976)
This advert details the Ovation solid body electrics, the Breadwinner and Deacon, with the Deacon pictured.

Ovation Deacon 1252 - How Ovation took a hint from the 50s

Ovation Deacon 1252 - How Ovation took a hint from the 50s (1977)
1977 Rose-Morris Ovation advert. Rose-Morris were the UK distributors for Ovation guitars

You remember the Bands of the 50's. The sounds they made were exciting, raunchy and alive. But those...

The pickups and active circuitry of the Deacon are designed to give a very wide tonal range. The series II pickups are described as follows

These pickups are not just another copy of the Humbucking pickups, but instead were designed by Ovation engineers to give you the quietest full-range pickups to date. These sensitive pickups have bright, sustaining treble and full, clean, rich bass that will deliver some real raunchy sounds

The controls consist of a volume and tone potentiometer, pickup selector switch and band rejection filter to cut midrange. This is how the circuitry is descibed in the 1975 solid-bodies catalogue

This is where we have it all together - we've built in FET preamplifier that has simplified controls and delivers the fullest, widest range of sound - and all right where it belongs - at your fingertips. The circuitry also has a band rejection filter and is volume compensated on all controls. All controls are isolated in th circuitry so that changes in vilume or amplifier impedance have no effect on the tone control.

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OK Comment left 10th March 2017 04:04:20 reply
Well, when the 12 String was released in 1976 - why has mine a serial number which was only used until February 1975 ( E with 4 digits - was used until Feb 1975 as shown on the refenrence guide by Ovation)
noel Comment left 14th September 2015 15:03:57 reply
A Deacon from Ramon Pipin's Odeur, 1980
Tim Sukumlyn Comment left 6th April 2015 07:07:41 reply
I am looking for a vol. control knob for my deacon. used or new condition . the article is great.
Jack Comment left 11th December 2013 15:03:29 reply
Funny, you list the bridge as brass, and all 3 deacons pictured have the nylon bridge...
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 11th December 2013 15:03:32 reply
Hi Jack - the saddles are plastic, true, but the bridge beneath them is indeed plated brass. Page 5 of the 1975 catalogue provides some close up shots and description.