Peavey T-40

Four string electric bass guitar

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Peavey T40 Bass Pickup

Barrowford Bluesman
peavey t-40

Barrowford Bluesman

Electric bass advertisements originally published from 1980 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Peavey advertisements

Peavey T-40 - Ross Valory Lays Down the Bottom Line with the Peavey T-40

Peavey T-40 - Ross Valory Lays Down the Bottom Line with the Peavey T-40 (1980)
Ross Valory of the band Journey promotes his "maple neck sunburst" Peavey T-40 bass guitar and the Peavey Mark III bass amp - powered by the "Peavey CS800 stereo power amplifier into two 215 enclos...

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Kenny Jones Comment left 7th January 2018 18:06:34 reply
I owned a Peavey T-40 4-string electric bass guitar, red w/ black pick guard, for several years. Funny enough, I bought mine from a guitarist / songwriter friend at work for a few hundred bucks. His name is Michael Holly, from Seattle WA, and he was a decent enough vocalist / guitarist / songwriter.. but he heard and saw Vernon Reid's guitar solo (performance) during Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" video, and said "that's effen it.. I've effen had it.. I effen give up.. every time I look up.. there's another effen virtuoso on the seen.. how am I ever gonna get a effen record deal with all these truly talented young M.I. / G.I. / B.I. musicians to compete with??.." and later, Michael went on to work for Guitar Center's Hollywood store before they promoted him to the role of chief cook and bottle washer.. setting up new stores and store displays all over the country.. during the 1990's grunge rock and pop rock music explosion. Anyway.. my T-40 was my go to bass.. through my Ampeg Super Valve Tone (S.V.T.) 300 watt, all tube amp with the 8 x 10" Eminence speakers.. the other 2 basses I had at the time were a "homemade P-bass".. and a cheap Yamaha 4-string.. I was gigging all over the USA and N.A. during the early 1990's.. from Jacksonville, FL.. Panama City, FL.. Miami, FL.. ATL,GA.. Hou, TX.. N.Y.C.'s "New Music Seminar" music festival; "SXSW" music festival in Austin TX; A.S.U. for AZ's S W music festival; a Black Rock Coalition promotional tour: Vancouver, B.C.. Seattle, WA.. Salem, OR.. San Francisco, CA.. Santa Barbara, CA.. Los Angeles, CA.. San Diego, CA.. Tijuana, Baja California.. and my Peavey T-40 was an incredibly reliable and easy to play instrument.. and I've had plenty of basses.. Fender Jazz & Precisions.. Gibson SG EB3.. Rickenbacker 4001.. you name it.. but my Peavey T-40 was truly one of my favorites. Now I have a Fender "Aerodyne J" Jazz bass, with the split P-bass neck p.u. and a J-bass bridge p.u.; and an Ibanez SR405 5-String, which sounds surprisingly good for $499.99 w/ a 3-band E.Q.. but heck, anything sounds great through my Boss ME-50B multi effects pedal and my Ampeg BA210v2 amp.. but, I sure would love to get my hands on another Peavey T-40 at some point. Yes.. I love Warwick, Spector, Schecter, ESP LTD, 4 & 5 string basses.. and many others as well.
miguelondiablo Comment left 28th June 2013 09:09:43 reply
Looking for peavey t 40 bass pickup