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Vox Clubman bass logo

Decal detail from a 1965 Vox Clubman bass guitar

1965 Vox Clubman bass Green Vox logo

1965 Vox Clubman bass
Green Vox logo

This green logo is typical of early British-built Vox instruments, produced at the JMI plant in Dartford, Kent, circa 1962-67. These transfer logos are not at all hard wearing, (in fact UK guitars of this period regularly come up with no headstock markings at all - though some may never have been applied) and Vox did not have the capability for headstock inlays at the Dartford plant at this time. See also the model designation decal that was placed at the other end of the guitars headstock.

more images of this 1965 Vox Clubman bass

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andrew mckinlay Comment left 30th March 2012 09:09:19
seems an eternity to rebuild old vox cman bass,and now find or should say not find fixd bass bridge,are there any fellow nutters out there that would have accurate dimensions for it,or even sell me bit,id really like to see the end of this bat.
Christian Bird Comment left 14th May 2012 19:07:15
I own one. What dims do you need? Any advise on warped neck (due to no truss rod) would be great!
Neville Taylor Comment left 25th October 2013 21:09:20
Interesting articles and guitars. I happen to aquire a 1960 Clubman bass guitar some 30 years ago. I still have it. It is cherry red and white just like the on in the article.
christian bird Comment left 12th December 2014 09:09:47
christian,im pretty inept with computers so,thats why i havent contacted you. could you please send me dimensions of bridge,i cant get anywhere.thanks andy.
Alan Selway Comment left 4th August 2015 12:12:54
I used to have a red Clubman II bass. It was my first bass, I bought it in 1975 but I don't have it now. I seem to remember measuring the scale at 28", maybe I'm mistaken? It had a coaxial connector in the side of the (thin laminate) body and the neck was very bent. I learned to play on that bass and I loved it. I loaned it to a "friend" so he could learn but never got it back.
Thomas Connarty Comment left 4th August 2015 19:07:25
Hi there, I'm looking to buy, tuners for vox clubman 1960s bass guitar, can u help please....Thanks ...Thomas
Phil Comment left 6th September 2016 15:03:35
Burn the whole thing but save the pickups - they're wax potted and excellent - the rest is utter shite - no truss rod! Ply body. The only saving grace is that the guitar version was Gary Moore's first guitar - he once commented that the sheer hell and struggle of playing his Clubman made him a better player because it was so difficult to do anything on it. Having owned the guitar version I totally agree.

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