Fender advertisement (1977)

The Hard-Charging Sharp-Toothed Starcaster

Fender Starcaster

Fender advertisement (1977) The Hard-Charging Sharp-Toothed Starcaster

First heard emerging from the spectral depths of creation in 1976, Starcaster abandons the great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo and and relentlessly climbs the charts. It’s attack is heightened by a unique semi-hollow body and jaw-popping vocal range which is make it a prized trophy among animusicologists.
When domesticated, Starcaster exhibits the most deceptive, chameleon-like vocal qualities. It not only bellows forth it’s own unique call but may emit musical tones associated with members of the species Guitar Electrical as well.
A prolific mate, Starcaster couples boisterously in proximity to the Super Reverb and others of the family Amplifier Fender. Its excited cries when so engaged have been recorded voluminously.

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