Fender Quad Reverb amplifier

100w guitar combo (4X12)

Fender Quad Reverb amplifier
The Quad Reverb as displayed in the 1972 Fender catalogue

Fender Quad Reverb

The Fender Quad Reverb was a direct descendant of the Fender Twin Reverb. Both featured the same circuitry, but while the Twin had two speaker cones, the Quad had four.

1972 Fender Price list announcing the Fender Quad and Super Six amplifiers
1972 Fender Price list
The Fender Quad Reverb was launched with a price of $675, $965, or $1095; depending on which speaker cones were fitted. Image taken from the 1972 Fender price list.

Along with another amp in the series (the six-coned Super Six Reverb), the Quad was launched in 1972. It was available in 3 speaker varieties ranging in price from $675 to $1095. The speaker cones available were standard Fender 12", Fender PS 12, or JBL D-120F.

The following comes from the 1976 Fender catalogue

A real high performance machine, the Quad Reverb revs up with 100 watts RMS power. Your engine really roars, thanks to the heavy-duty, wide range 12" speakers. And check out the channels, each with separate controls and two instrument inputs. With master volume control, you can steer your sound straight down the track or add any degree of distortion. Whatever sound you want, the Quad Reverb is built to travel hard and fast

1976 Fender Quad Reverb
The Quad Reverb as displayed in the 1976 Fender catalogue. The amp on the left has standard Fender speakers. The amp on the right has JBLs.
Model: Fender Quad Reverb
Available: 1972-
Power Output: 100 watts
Tubes: 10
Speakers: 4 x 12" cones. Fender 12", Fender PS 12, or JBL D-120F
Channels: Normal and Vibrato channels, each with two inputs and separate volume, treble, middle and bass controls. Vibrato channel has controls fore reverb, and vibrato rate and intensity
Controls: Master volume has a push-pull switch, adding distortion when activated. Footswitch.

Vintage Fender Quad Reverb advertising

Amplifier advertisements originally published from 1972 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Fender advertisements

Fender Quad Reverb - Another Step In The Right Direction

Fender Quad Reverb - Another Step In The Right Direction (1972)
Fender advert for two new amplifiers the Quad and Super Six. Both were 100w combos based on the Fender Twin amplifier, available for some time, and also pictured, but with 4x12" and 6x10" speakers ...

Fender Quad Reverb - You Get There Faster on a Fender

Fender Quad Reverb - You Get There Faster on a Fender (1974)
Fender Stratocaster guitar, and Quad Reverb amplifier. Another one of Fenders early to mid-seventies adverts featuring brightly coloured illustrations, and equally colourful text
Bumpwell Blue...

Fender Quad Reverb catalog appearances

1976 Fender catalogue
The Fender Quad Reverb appears on pages 10A and 11A of the 1976 Fender catalogue Four on the floor and all systems go
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Fender Quad Reverb for sale

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Lance Secrest Comment left 3rd April 2012 21:09:37 reply
I used to use a quad reverb and a roland jc-120 with 2 MXR distortion plus's set about half to accentuate the even harmonics.Boy,it DID sound like a HUGE squeaking barn door.When I added 2 15 inch PA speakers,it got the bass going enough to be OK.Didn't know they are a twin Twin.Yep,sounded nice indeed.



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