1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog

Fender guitars, basses and amplifiers

1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog cover
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 2
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 3
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 4
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 5
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 6
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 7
1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 8
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1965 1966 Fender guitar catalog page 12

'Quality instruments are the total of their quality parts'

The 1965 1966 Fender catalog featured Fender's electric guitars, basses, acoustics and amplifiers of mid 1965. This vintage catalogue consists of twelve pages in two colour print, hailing from July 1965. Dimensions 10 7/8" x 8 1/4". There are a considerable number of instruments squeezed into the relatively small number of pages. Three pages of Fender electric guitars and basses, one of acoustic guitars, three of amplifiers, with the rest dedicated to pedal steels, the Fender Rhodes keyboard and other accessories.

1965 Down Beat magazine - annual guitar issue - Jim Hall cover

Like the 1964-65 brochure also reproduced on this site, it was included free (actually pages 29-40) inside the 1965 Annual guitar issue of music magazine Down Beat (July 1st, 1965; Jim Hall cover). 1965 was a good year for US guitar sales; this issue sold well, and is quite often available on ebay - because this brochure was part of the magazine, and not an insert, it is usually present.

New Fenders for 1965

Two new models make their first catalogue appearance this year, the Fender Electric XII and the Fender 5-string bass, both introduced earlier in 1965.

Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below for the relevant page for each instrument

Electric Guitars:

Fender Jaguar
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender Electric XII
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Fender Esquire
Fender Mustang
Fender Musicmaster
Fender Duo-Sonic


Fender Precision
Fender Jazz
Fender 5-String Bass
Fender Bass VI

Acoustic Guitars:

Fender King
Fender Concert
Fender Palamino
Fender Malibu
Fender Newporter


Showman 12"
Showman 15"
Dual Showman 15"
Vibro Champ

Pedal Steel Guitars:

Fender 400
Fender 800
Fender 1000
Fender 2000
Fender Studio Deluxe set
Fender Champ set
Fender Stringmaster
Fender Deluxe 6 and 8


Fender Rhodes piano
Fender Rhodes piano bass

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