1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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Gibson ES-335TD chronology and shipping figures

Timeline and shipping data

Gibson ES-335 description | Chronology and shipping figures | ES-335 forum posts
Gibson ES-335 1978 description of controls

Gibson ES-335 specification sheet. Control details for the 1978 model

Gibson ES-335 shipping figures

Shipping figures for the years 1958-79

The Gibson ES-335TD was not an instant hit (though it did better than the Flying V launched at the same time), but sales grew steadily throughout the 1960s (peaking in 1967) and continually doing well too. Obviously there were fluctuations but sales never dropped below 1500, even in the difficult recession years of the mid 1970s. The graph to the right shows the shipping figures for each colour 335 (click to expand)

The basic design of the ES-335 remained largely unchanged throughout its years - in 1963 the stop tailpiece was replaced by a trapeze, and in 1977 when a coil tap switch was fitted. The Gibson ES-340TD was launched in 1969 as an ES-335TD body with modified 'in-phase/out-of-phase' electronics - and a laminate maple neck. The coil tap added to the 335 in 1976-77 and the change in neck wood (1975) made the late seventies 335 even more like an ES-340

Gibson 1958 Electrics Catalogue1958 Announced 03/58, launched 08/58 - price $282.50
Available in Sunburst or Natural finish - see the 1958 Gibson Electrics catalogue

1959 price sunburst $279.50, natural $295

Gibson 1960 Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue1960 Smaller scratchplate, neck shape change - price sunburst $279.50, natural $295. See the 1960 Gibson Guitars and Amplifiers catalogue.

1961 Prices rose from $2** for the sunburst finish to $300 by September '61. Cherry finish now available - initially $295, rising to $315. Natural finish discontinued

Gibson 1962 Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue1962 Dot inlays replaced by blocks, though this is not shown in the 1962 catalog. Price Sunburst $300, Cherry $315. See the 1962 Gibson Guitars and Amplifiers catalogue.

1963 Stickers on pickup undersides changed from "Patent Applied For" to "Patent Number". Neck shape change. See the 1964 Gibson Electrics catalogue. Price Sunburst $300, Cherry $315

Gibson 1964 Electrics Catalogue 1964 Price - Sunburst $340, Cherry $355. See the 1964 Gibson Electrics catalogue.

1965 Trapeze tailpiece becomes standard. Nut width changes from 1 11/16" to a 1 5/8". Metal parts are now chrome. Price - Sunburst $340, Cherry $355.

Gibson 1966 Full Line Catalogue1966 Fretboard is now Indian rosewood as opposed to Brazilian. Price - Sunburst $365, Cherry $380. See the 1966 Gibson catalog

1967 Peghead angle reduced by 3 degrees to 14 degrees. Sparkling burgundy listed as a finish. Price - $395, all finishes

1968 Nut width reverts to 1 11/16". Walnut finish listed for the first time. Around this time, the one-piece necks were being replaced by three-piece laminate necks, though still mahogany. All finishes $430. At least one piece of '68 literature suggest the availability of a the 335 in Natural Birch finish, with 5-ply maple neck, at extra (though unspecified) cost. This would be a precursor to the ES-340 TD launched in 1969. Shipping stats do not mention this variant.
Gibson 1970 Thin Electric Acoustics Catalogue 1969 price - $455. Sparkling burgundy no longer listed as an option. All finishes $455

1970 price - $475. Volute added and 'MADE IN USA' stamped on all headstocks. Orange serial number labels no longer used in the body cavity

1971 price - $495

1972 price - $515

1973 Price - Cherry, Walnut $540, Sunburst $560

1974 Price - Cherry, Walnut $540, Sunburst $560

Gibson 1975 thinline catalogue1975 Nut width changes to 1 9/16". The catalogue lists necks as being maple from this catalogue. Price - Cherry, Walnut $599, Sunburst $629. Check out the Gibson 1975 thinline catalogue

1976 Price - Cherry, Walnut $629, Sunburst $659

1977 Coil tap switch added

Gibson 1978 Quality / Prestige / Innovation Catalogue1978 Nut width reverts to 1 11/16". See the Gibson 1978 Quality / Prestige / Innovation Catalogue

1979 Price - $849

Gibson Guitars, 19801980 Price - $949. 1980 was the final catalogue appearance of the ES-335TD

1981 Price - $1049, then discontinued
1982 launch of the ES-335 dot

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