1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
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Gibson EB0 Bass Guitar

Gibsons best selling bass guitar

Gibson EB0 Bass GuitarThe EB0 bass was Gibsons top selling bass of the 1960s and 1970s. Manufactured from 1959 until 1979, it remains one of Gibsons most recognizeable instruments using the Les Paul Special 'SG bass' guitar shape. The first Gibson SG guitars were produced at the same time. In total over 22000 EB0 basses were manufactured! The EB0 got its name from the Gibson EB series (Electric Bass), and was a short scale bass that proved very popular in the mid to late sixties. Long scale (EB0L) and fuzz (EB0F) versions also exist. The bass shown above is a 1969 EBO with a solid Mahogany neck and body, finished in Cherry (by far the most popular colour) which has faded to its present shade.

Gibson EB0 Bass GuitarThe EB0 has a single humbucker which has a very low mellow tone. A 'thumper' rather than a 'twanger' great for sixties styled music, reggae and rock, but not a bass for slapping! More about Gibson bass pickups. This sound comes from the mahogany bodies and set necks (seventies models had maple necks), short scale (30½ inch) and the aforementioned humbucker. The bass to the left is a 1972 EBO with a much weightier body, and the maple neck - this time finished in walnut; only available on seventies models.

Short scale strings suitable for the 30½ scale EBO bass

Thomastik-Infeld JF324 Jazz Flatwound Short Scale 4-String Bass (Thomastik-Infeld JF324 Jazz Flatwound Short Scale)

Rotosound RS77S Jazz Bass Strings Short Scale (Rotosound - Bass Strings - RS77S - Flatwound Jazz Bass)

D'Addario EXL220S Electric Bass Strings XL Nickel Super Light Short Scale (D'Addario EXL220S Nickel Super Light Short Scale)

Rotosound RS88S Trubass Standard Gauge Short Scale Strings (Rotosound - Bass Strings - RS88S - True Bass (Black Nylon))

D'Addario EXL160S XL Regular Short Bass String Set (D'Addario Bass Strings Nickel Wound Short Scale - Regular)

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This instrument did undergo several major changes (in fact the original 1959 model was a different body shape), using different woods, hardware and finishes. Notice how the sixties model has the pickup right up against the end of the neck; again adding to the bassy tone. One of the most sought after versions is the split headstock EB0 only available in 1970 and 1971.

Variations include the EB-0F (1962-65) with built in passive fuzztone, and EB-0L long scale (34.5") version (1970-77). Neither was particularly popular compared to the basic model with respect sales figures. An Epiphone model Epiphone Newport EBS was available from 1961-69, which looked quite different but was identical in terms of woods, construction, hardware, electrics and indeed price tag

Older EBOs suffered from fractures at the headstock/neck join and at the control cavity. This is largely due to the brittle nature of Mahogany, the thin Gibson neck weakened further by the truss rod adjustment cavity and the Gibson headstock angle that could not withstand falling backwards.

The EB0 sold very well, but did not get as much 'big-name' usage as its sister models the EB2 and EB3, although famous users include David Knights of Procol Harum, Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull, and Jermaine Jackson of the Jackson Five.

Today, Gibsons subsidary, Epiphone still produce an EB0 model, which is very similar to the original 60s and 70s models, combining features of both.


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Gibson EB0 basses for sale

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Gibson 1971 Brown EB 3 Bass Body & Neck

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Gibson 1972 Black Tolex w/ Violet Int. EB Bass Hardshell Case

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Vintage 1970's Gibson EB0 EB3 Bass Guitar Pickup Cover

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Gibson 1971 Chrome EB Bass Bridge w/ Mounts

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Orig 1966-70 Gibson SG Junior/Firebird/EB-0 Control Cavity Shield Tin

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Gibson U1UC Tweed Case Tube Guitar Amplifier S# 109322 Vintage Amp 1961

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Gibson EB-0 EB 0 EB0 Bass Guitar, Solid, Cherry, 1965

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Gibson 1971 Black EB 3 Bass Pickup Mounting Rings

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Vintage 1960's Gibson Black Pot Cavity Cover SG Junior or EB-O Bass Guitar

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Gibson EB-3L Very Rare Long Neck Model Vintage

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German ebay listings

GIBSON ES-339 Satin EB 2014

Current price: €1799.00
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1973 Gibson EB-4L Bass - Cherry incl. orig. Gibson case

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GIBSON Explorer 120 EB

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Vintage GIBSON EB-3 1971 "Slothead" mit original Case - rar/rare

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** Orville Bass EB-3 "Gibson Japan Vintage" **

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Gibson EB-3 +++ SG Bass +++ Vintage E-Bass! +++ 60er/70er Jahre

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See more results on eBay here

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SG bass Comment left 28th December 2011 14:02:02
I got my first Gibson bass, an SG shaped EB0, used from a small guitar store near Tottenham Court Road in 1965 or so. I loved it. They had an early EB3 in too, but at the time I couldn't afford that one - and besides the bridge pickups always sound a bit thin to my ears. It also had the painted black pickup, whilst the EB0 had metal - much nicer looking. They had a gorgeous Epiphone Rivoli, but the SG shape and cherry finish just looked a bit cooler. I swapped it for some PA gear in the mid seventies - i've kicked myself so many times over this, but necessary at the time. So I'm looking for a similar 'wide neck', metal pickup EB bass for sale.

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