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1973 Gibson Solid Bodies leaflet

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1973 Gibson Solid Bodies leaflet. Details of the SG Custom, SG Standard, SG Special, SGI and SGII guitars. The Standard and Special were back, after a brief hiatus in 1971/72, where they were replaced by the SG Deluxe and SG Pro. All models had been redesigned from the previous solid body catalogue showing these models (see the 1972 solid bodies brochure), and resemble more closely the SG guitars of the mid-1960s.

The SG I and SG II were the entry level models - replacing the SG 100 and SG 200, which had in turn replaced the Melody Maker. For the first time, amongst all these enetry level Gibson solids, the SG I and II were fitted with humbucking pickups, rather than the simpler single coil units.

The SG I delivers a brilliant treble response and a rich, clean bass. Gibson designed the new humbucking pickup to complement all the other outstandiing features found in this all new guitar

1973 US prices for these guitars were as follows (June 1973): SG Custom $605, SG Standard $425, SG Special $385, SG-I $259, SG-II $290.

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1973 Gibson solid bodies leaflet

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