Vox V1 single coil guitar pickup

Early sixties British part

Some guitars fitted with this pickup

1962 Vox Ace 1963 Vox Ace 1963 Vox Consort
1963 Vox Stroller 1963 Vox Shadow 1964 Vox Shadow
The bassplate is straightforward in design; made from pressed aluminium. Compare this to the very earliest pickup used by Vox on the first examples of Shadow and Stroller models here - the coil and magnet arrangement is broadly similar, however the bassplate/mounting tabs are constructed quite differently The unmounted pickup, with lead. The pickup bass plate is 100mm long, with a distance between mounting holes of 88mm Close up of the engraved VOX logo that adorned many (but not all) of the chrome guitar and bass single coil pickups that JMI used on UK Vox guitars in the early to mid 1960s. Underside view of three Vox V1 pickups attached to the scratchplate - taken from a Vox Shadow This is a really simple pickup: a single coil, wrapped in waxed cloth, around a central magnet. The chrome cover just pushes on. The bassplate holes are threaded for the mounting screws; the springs act as spacers between the bassplate and scratchplate.

List of Vox guitar pickups

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