1976 Gibson L-6S Custom, 1978 Guild B302F bass, 1967 Fender Coronado guitar
1976 Gibson L-6S Custom1978 Guild B-302F1967 Fender Coronado
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Fender Bronco electric guitar

Solid body, single pickup student model, circa 1967-81

1967 Fender Bronco set announcement
November 1967 Fender announcement, declaring the Bronco set's availability


1967 Model available November 1967

1968 Fender catalogue

1968 March '68 price: $149.50
See the Bronco in the 1968 catalogue

1969 Fender catalogue

1969 May '69 $169.50

1970 Fender catalogue

1970 Apr '70 $179.50
See the Bronco in the 1970 catalogue

1971 Jan '71 $179.50

1972 Fender catalogue

1972 Feb '72 $179.50
See the Bronco in the 1972 catalogue

1973 Jun '73 $179.50

1974 Dec '74 $195

1976 red finish discontinued in faovour of black and white

1977 Dec '77 $240

1981 model discontinued

Fender Bronco set from the 1970 Fender catalogue
Fender Bronco set from the 1970 Fender catalogue

The Fender Bronco was first included in Fender price lists around the middle of 1967, but not available to buy until November of that year. It was sold alone, or as part of a set with the Bronco amp. Both were simple and low-priced, but well-built and more than effective; it probably made a lot of peoples Christmas, in 1967.

Even though it was a student guitar, having simple controls, and just one pickup, it was equipped with a tremolo, and a 24" scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The other entry level and intermediate Fender models of the time: the Mustang, Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic, were all offered with either 22" or 24" scale necks, the Bronco only the latter.

These guitars are all very similar, but also distinct. It's tempting to say that the Bronco is just a one-pickup Mustang - or a Musicmaster with an added tremolo - but neither is completely true; yes, these guitars all use the same pickups, but positioned in the bridge position on the Bronco, and at the neck on the Musicmaster. Furthermore, the tremolo unit is not the same as the Mustang, it was of a type only ever used on the Bronco.

The following description is taken from the November 1967 Fender Facts 15 leaflet

Designed for the beginning student to enter the rich world of music, the Fender Bronco Guitar and Amp Set will also introduce students to the sound and quality that is found in every Fender Instrument as he progresses. The Bronco Guitar presents a handsome appearance and has many of the outstanding features found on the higher-priced models. Fender has developed and included a new tremolo-individual bridge assembly that enables the musician to obtain new playing effects. Other features are a 24 truss-rod reinforced slender neck, adjustable pickup, tone and volume controls and a bright red finish

Fender Bronco - Pick A Winner
1968 Fender advertisement, including the Bronco set - Pick A Winner

When launched, the Bronco had the second lowest price in the entire Fender catalogue - the lowest was the Musicmaster. In March 1968, there was just $15 in it $134.50 and $149.50 respectively (the price of a tremolo unit).

The Bronco was retired in the early 1980s, being replaced by a fresh new entry-level models, such as the Fender Bullet in 1982.

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meepmeep Comment left 13th January 2015 23:11:49
Looking for a valuation on a 69 Bronco. Good condition, great guitar, please help
jbc Comment left 5th February 2015 12:12:38
you don't mention a two pickup Bronco - how rare are they compared to the one pickup?

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